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Battle of Dazar'Alor Boost

Buy Battle of Dazar'alor boost services: loot, gear, mounts, bosses, titles and battle pets - all raid rewards.

Dazar'Alor is second raid in World of Warcraft BFA wich added in 8.1.5 patch. BoD raid includes 9 bosses in 3 wings. first wing: Siege of Dazar'alor for Alliance side and Defense of Dazar'alor for Horde. Second weng: Death's Bargain (Horde), Empire's Fall (A). 3rd wing:  Victory or Death (Horde) and Might of the Alliance (Alliance). Normal and Heroic mode opens on January 22th for US realms and January 23th for EU. Mythic difficulty opens in 1 week later (January 29 US and January 30 EU).

Buying BoD raid carry at our site you receive a run with high skilled players and good gear to trade you all available loot. ETA of services 1-24 hours after first week. Run itself takes 1,5-3 hours.

We offer all kind of raid boost services in Batte of Dazar'alor such as:


  • Full clear 9/9 bosses in any difficulty
  • Glory of the Dazar'alor Raider
  • Lady Jaina Proudmoore kill and Glacial Tidestorm mount from the last boss kill in Mythic mode
  • Full gear services

BoD raid loot itemlevel in different difficulty:


  • Normal - 385
  • Heroic - 400
  • Mythic - 415

We recommend to prepare bonus rolls to get more rewards from full 9/9 bosses clear.

All raid services could be done on 120 level character with any gear. Default sellruns without loot trade does not guarantee any amount of loot. Loot guarantee available only with 3+ loot traders. Buying loot-trade you get specify designated players with same armor type as your hero to give you all kind of loot dropped to them. Remember that in-game loot-system does not allows you to trade items higher ilvl than you equipped in same slot for current spec, so sometimes warforged and titanforged couldn't be traded. Also you are able to get loot only once a week in each difficulty, so better to buy a run with fresh raid cooldown.


All rewards from Battle of Dazar'alor:


Mounts from last raid boss Lady Jaina Proudmoore drops with 100% in mythic mode until BFA ends, drops to a random raid member, that means we will start to sell it after 19 our raidmembers get mount and it will drop 100% to you.