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WoW titles add prestige to your nickname in the game. Other players can take a look at your character and see your achievements by only seeing your name. Players also enjoy making great or funny combinations from the titles and nicknames. There are more than 300 different titles in the game and wow titles carry services will help you get the most desirable ones.

In this catalog, you can buy any wow titles in the game. We have gathered here the most famous and awesome titles that are rewarded for large and long meta-achievements. However, if you haven’t found wow titles boost of your dream, just contact our support agents. We are ready to help you with any title in the game – from Jenkins to Gladiator title.


What title do you suggest to choose?


We agree that it is hard to decide from such a great variety of titles in the game. The most desired titles are usually rewarded for the latest bosses in each expansion – they are hard to get and only 1% of players have them. You can wear such a title with proud for about a year and it will still remain prestigious. There are also some cool titles that match your class fantasy – Archdruid, Deathlord, Highlord, Archmage and every other class. If you are interested in these – we will complete the Class Hall campaign in Legion and get it for you in 2 days! If you are still unsure what to choose you can visit Wowhead list with more than 350 titles in it. Or just contact our friendly support, we will be glad to give you some advice.


What is special in Boosthive wow titles carry?


  1. We are ready to obtain you any title in the game.
  2. We have experience in how it works, our players know what must be done to complete certain title task.
  3. Our players have Livestream or we provide daily reports on the progress – you always have information about your account and title service.
  4. We care about your account as our own account. We use VPN or provide PvP titles with selfplay to avoid any risks.

Our managers work every day 24/7. Contact us in chat support, discord or skype: we will help you to choose from the great variety of achievements in the game and start your achievement carry service today!

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