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WoW Gold and other currencies

The cheapest World of Warcraft Gold can only be obtained directly from the professional in-game farmers. They know exactly how to turn anything in WoW into the pure Gold! Also, they know how to get other WoW Currencies, such as Coalescing Visions, Bloody Coins, Prismatic Manapearls, Seafarer’s Dubloons, and Marks of Honor. That is why Boosthive has hired some of them to help you! Get your cheapest gold and any other currency fast and 100% safe!

Why do I need WoW Currencies?


Most of the powerful items in World of Warcraft are acquired by spending some sort of in-game currency. Honor marks, arena point are good to buy all sorts of PvP gear. WoW Gold service as the cross-fraction trading currency. Whereas some unique, patch-specific currencies, such as Coalescing Visions are there to unlock powerful equipment and artifacts. All currencies take a long time to farm and sometimes it is easier and more efficient to buy them, in order to save your time.


Is it safe to buy Gold in World of Warcraft?


It all depends where you buy your gold and how it is earned. Our professional trusted gold farmers working 24/7 to supply as much gold as possible, therefore we know that all gold that we deliver is gathered from good and valid sources. Therefore it is safe to get you in-game currencies from our reserves.


How can I buy cheap WoW Gold?


To do so, you will need to contact one of our Managers through the web support chat. In this way, they can check the availability of the gold before the order. They then will create a custom order for you and guide you through the whole process.

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We are online NOW and 24/7

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Only game experts on our team

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We only use safe and time-proven methods

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