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WoW Questing

Beginning with the Battle for Azeroth expansion, World Quests were introduced with mixed reviews. Many players enjoy the change from having to complete the same boring old daily WoW quests. This repetition is avoided because the world quests are constantly changing. While this was met with enthusiasm from many players, a common complaint we hear is that the World Quests simply take too long to complete for those players who would rather concentrate on raiding and PvP. That’s why so many players are looking for a service to buy wow quests.

The biggest issue is how much content is gated behind these world quests, especially PvP content. Another reason the world quests are so crucial to complete is the increased focus on reputation in Battle for Azeroth.

If you’re looking for help with quests in WoW, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert players are standing by to assist.


WoW World Quest Benefits


Here’s a sample of the rewards for world questing in WoW


  • Reputation
  • Relics and Artifact Power
  • Rare gear
  • Rare PvP gear
  • Gold
  • Pet Battle-Stones and Charms
  • Order Hall Follower Equipment and Resources
  • Crafting Reagents, including Blood of Sargeras
  • Pets
  • Mounts


How does our WoW World Questing service work?


Not long after you place your order, our team will log into your account (using a local VPN) and our expert players will begin completing your quests. Want to watch your character crush one World Quest after another? No problem! We will set up a stream for you to follow your player pilot even if you’re at work or school! You can also contact our live support for updates anytime you want.


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We know your time is important! That’s why we customize a play schedule for every one of our clients. This means our drivers will play on your schedule, making sure your account is always ready for you to play when you want..


It’s safe!


Protecting your account and login data is our number one priority. Our expert WoW players do everything by the book. We use VPN technology and no third-party software like bots, cheats, and hacks.




In order to access World Quests, you must have a level 120 character with at least “Friendly” relationships with the three new factions in the new BFA locations. Once one of your characters has unlocked world quests, it will be unlocked for all characters on the same account.

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