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WoW Professions Leveling

There’re so many professions in the WoW that you can easily get lost! Profession boost can give you the chance to obtain more experience and create unique gear, as well as enjoy many other benefits depending on your specialization. Craftsmen, who have become masters in their field, possess skills no less valuable than a sword or magic. They can create weapons and tools, cook magic potions, collect valuable materials, depict ancient runes on scrolls ... Of course, real professionals think not only about themselves and complete the orders of other players, not forgetting to ask a decent fee.

There’re many crafting fields where you can become a master, such as:


  • Alchemy (Alchemists use herbs to create strange magical potions that can heal, confer strength and cause the imposition of a variety of positive effects. In addition, alchemists can change the essence of some materials and turn them into rarer ones. Level professions in the alchemy field and you will earn a lot of money to create the rare materials needed to forge powerful weapons and armor, and even influence the economy of Azeroth!)
  • Mining (Miners find valuable and useful ores and extract them from the depths of the earth. They extract and re-melt these metals for sale or for further work with them.)
  • Engineering (Engineers are able to create many useful, and sometimes absolutely incredible things. When you boost professions in engineering, after completing a special assignment you can choose a specialization: Gnomish and Goblin Engineering School.)
  • Leatherworking (Tanners create a variety of useful things from rough and tough skin. Basically, they master light leather and mail armor, they also sew raincoats, bags and armor pads that increase armor.)
  • Blacksmith craft (Blacksmiths can create deadly weapons, chain mail and armor, and other special items. Level professions in the blacksmiths field and you'll be able to equip your character and sell your products at auction.)
  • Jewel crafting (Jewelers are able to create powerful jewelry and accessories. They make rings, amulets and other things that have magical powers)
  • Herbalism (Herbalists can supply themselves and their guild with reagents. In addition, the herbs can be sold or exchanged for other reagents.)


Why do you need a WoW level boost of Professions


The profession is quite important for the character in WoW. Different specializations will allow you to create unique gear, sell your products and become rich, equip yourself with whatever items you want! But even if you have a high-level character, boost professions might be very difficult as sometimes you have to wander through the land for days searching for the necessary item. Why waste so much time?


You can buy a WoW boost of the profession, and we’ll make sure that your character will become a true master in his field. We provide high account safety and total quality guarantee. Boost your profession in the shortest time and for the fair price!


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