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Love World of Warcraft but don’t have the time to grind out the best gear? Let us give you a WoW Gear Carry! Want the best World of Warcraft gear without spending all that time and energy? We’ve got you covered. Simply choose which level you want your gear to be and our team will complete daily activities, Mythic+ dungeons and more to get you the gear you need quickly and easily.

Our team of expert WoW players knows the currently fastest and most efficient ways to get you the best gear and maximize your daily rewards. You can even watch over their shoulder while they play with our live-streaming feature!

The time it takes to complete will depend on which options you choose.


Boosthive’s WoW Gear Boost features:
  • All playing is done 100% by hand.
  • We use VPN Security to appear to be playing from your location, keeping your account secure.
  • We never ask for your secret question so you have total account security.
  • Watch the boost on Livestream (please make sure to request this when ordering)
  • Keep all loot, gold, and achievements earned during the boost.
  • Account boosting is the ONLY safe way to buy WoW gear.
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Delivery Times and Current Wow BFA Gear locations:


  • 400 ilvl - 1 day (Mythic dungeons, World quests, emissaries, Battle of Dazar'alor normal, Benthic gear farm)
  • 410 ilvl - 2-3 days (Mythic+ dungeons, Battle of Dazar'alor, World quests, emissaries, World bosses, Benthic gear farm)
  • 415 ilvl - 3-7  days (Mythic+ dungeons, Emissaries, Warfront world boss, Battle of Dazar'alor heroic, Upgraded Benthic gear)
  • 420 ilvl - 6-12 days (Mythic +6-7 keystones, Upgraded Benthic gear, Azshara's Eternal Palace normal, world quests)
  • 430 ilvl - 3-5 weeks (Azshara's Eternal Palace, mythic 10+ dungeons, Benthic gear)


Note that the gear level you select is an average. For example, if you select 410, you may get some gear at level 405 and some at 415.




You must have a level 120 character with any type of gear and World Quests Unlocked. You will also need to provide us with the login and password of your WoW account.


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