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WoW Powerleveling

The real adventure begins at Max Level. In World of Warcraft, the best is saved for last. We offer the best and fastest WoW powerleveling service on the market to get you there. Gaming should be enjoyable and for most of us leveling just isn’t. When you buy power leveling on Boosthive the best of the best will take care of the grinding while you relax.

How does WoW powerleveling service work?

Shortly after you place your order, our booster will get to work and start playing on your account. There are tons of ways to level up in WoW and our expert player pilots use them all! There are tons of ways to grind in wow and we use them all! Our team will queue in random dungeons and meanwhile we will also be executing quest lines in the zones. We will even use herbalism and mining skills for extra level points, use power leveling addons which show the best and fastest routes for completing quests. 

Want to watch your character level up? No problem! Watch on Twitch or Youtube as you level up! If streaming isn’t your thing, you can contact our live support for an update anytime.


Don’t Miss a Raid!


Because everything is done with your supervision, you can be sure that we know your time is important! This means our drivers will play on your schedule, making sure your account is available for you to play when you want So you can attend raids with your guild or do world quests even while using our WoW power leveling service.
It’s perfectly safe!
Protecting your account and login data is our number one priority. Our WoW power leveling experts do everything by the book. We don’t use any third-party software (bots, cheats, hacks). That means that the only thing that ever touches your account is the handy-work of real gamers like you.
Tips for the fastest leveling
In order to prepare your character to level up as quickly as possible, we do require some preparation on your end.
  • Buy and upgrade your heirlooms which increase earned experience by 50%.
  • Second, you can buy potions that do the same but for a short period of time.
  • Having unlocked the flying ability in Battle for Azeroth is a big time saver.
  • Please leave some gold for a mount on the character.


Completing the above checklist will make your WoW power leveling go as fast as possible.


Can I use my wow account when a service is a power leveling my character?


Of course, you can! Our boosters will need about 7-8 hours per day to work on your account, but you choose what time. Maybe you want us to do it overnight for the minimal interruption. Maybe instead you would rather us play while you are at work so you can watch on Twitch! Our power leveling service in wow is flexible, we are open to discuss even the smallest details and take them into consideration.


Why is this the best wow power leveling service?
Simple, because we have the best team! We have professional power levelers standing by day and night ready to boost you to max level in record time. If you have any questions, you can check out our reviews or chat with us via Skype or Discord before making your order!


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