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WoW Power-leveling

Many players feel like the real fun in WoW starts at max level. In fact, some boast how they have the fastest leveling character in WoW, „Realm first“ as some like to call it. It can certainly leave you jealous, seeing how they get enjoy the end game, while you have to make your way through all those levels before you can truly enjoy the game. The lucky ones manage to discover Boosthive, a place where you can buy the best wow power-leveling service the money can purchase.

Ok, so you made a character, maybe an alt. Let's say you simply love Orcs and so you decided that's the race you're going for. But, wait a minute. That means you'll have to go through the Valley of Trials once again. Senjin Village, Razor Hill, and Durotar. And let's not forget Barrens and the fact you'll spend a long time there. We could go on, but I think we both agree the point was made. No matter how you look at it, going through the same, arguably irrelevant, content becomes boring and tedious.


WoW Power leveling was made exactly for this purpose, to combat the boring parts of the game and make the leveling process feel like a refreshing, spring breeze. You'll soon forget every bad thing that comes with having to level up again. Here at Boosthive, we offer a variety of services, but we can safely say that many customers choose to buy our WoW leveling as the benefits are clearly shown and felt.

You want to try a different race/class, but no time to max level, the level needed in order to enjoy the game with your friends? No problem. We offer a quick and easy solution for this. No more will you have to go through all too familiar content, quests and zones, having to actually wait for the fun part of the game.


Did you know many players decide to stop trying to get another character up to max level because it takes so much time to do it?

Imagine raiding with your Main, having school work and other hobbies. How does one manage to get another character, that he/she desperately wants to play, when they are busy with all those other things?

This is exactly why power-leveling in WoW makes perfect sense for so many players.


You decide how high of a level you need. You decide on the finer details of the order, such as when the character should be leveled, what professions to level up and all other, potential wishes that we will happily fulfill.

While leveling a character in WoW seems confusing to some, Boosthive has made sure the whole process is as painless as possible. Our experienced team members who leveled hundreds of characters know the most efficient ways to complete any customer order.


Check our offers, check our customer reviews and learn why we offer one of the best WoW Powerleveling in the field!




First thing's first, is this WoW power level service safe to do?

Yes, perfectly safe!

We are very keen on the security and safety of your account, as well as the whole process. That is why we use VPN software, localized so that it looks like you are playing. You get to decide at what times of day we should play and we follow your instruction to the very last detail.


How about 3rd party programs, do you use any?

No, we do NOT use any 3rd party programs.
All our services are done manually, by one of our highly experienced team members.


How can I know whether you're playing my account and how can I track progress?

Easy. We play on your desired schedule and offer several ways for you to track the progress.

You can receive updates via Discord, Skype or live chat and you can even watch us play your character watching a Live stream on Youtube or Twitch.

For any other possible solutions, feel free to contact our live support. They are always open to new suggestions.


So how do I order your power-leveling service and what must I do?

You can check our products, decide on the details of the order and place it. There are a few things you can do, in order to make it easier for us, which in turn means we get to finish your order even quicker than expected.

  • Buy and upgrade all Heirlooms you can. Their speed the experience gain by a substantial amount.
  • Having potions and similar, short term power boosts is more than welcome. Every little bit helps!
  • Needless to say, having all flight paths dramatically lowers the time needed for order completion
  • Having spare gold always helps, at least for a mount as traveling without one increases the time of leveling


All these suggestions and any others that you may think of will help speed up the order and make you an even more satisfied customer.


I have a raiding schedule, can I play my account if the order is still not finished?

Of course!
Our team members will need about 7-8 hours of playing time on your account every day. However, as you are the one to decide the hours when we can play, you can easily fit the order into your own raiding schedule.

You may decide we play during night hours, leaving the whole day for you to play. Or perhaps you'd like to monitor our progress during your work. In that case, you can tell us to play during your work hours, while you watch us play on a live stream. Of course, if you have any other, particular ideas, don't hesitate to contact our live support team.

They are always open to new ideas.

But, no matter what your decision might be, you can rest assure we're providing the fastest power leveling service in WoW.


All of this kinda feels too good to be true, am I missing something?
Thank you, but no, you're not!
We only ask for your login and password and NEVER your security question.

This leaves you in command of the account.

Our highly experienced team members, professional players, and levelers know the best and fastest ways to power level your character so that you may enjoy the end game the way you deserve.


We are open to any suggestions and questions, 24/7. So, please, check the offers, contact our live support and get that customized order that will satisfy your needs.

Buy Boosthive's leveling service today and change your gaming experience completely!

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