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BFA Mythic and Mythic + Dungeons

WoW Dungeons are content for groups of 5 people. You get gear, azerite power, weekly chests, achievements, mounts and feat of strenghts running dungeons. There are 10 BfA instances: Atal’dazar, Freehold, King’s Rest, Shrine of the Storms, Siege of Boralus, Temple of Sethraliss, The MOTHERLODE!!!!, The Underrot, Tol Dagor, Waycrest Manor. Each dungeon has 4-5 bosses with different mechanics. Two dungeons - King's Rest and Siege of Boralus are available only in Mythic and Mythic+ difficutlies. You automatically have access to ALL at level 120.

BfA dungeons difficulty::

  • Normal mode: 340 ilvl gear
  • Heroic mode: 355 ilvl gear
  • Mythic mode: 370 ilvl gear
  • Mythic+ mode: 380-400 ilvl gear

Buy BfA mythic dungeons services:

  • BfA Heroic run of 8/8 dungeons
  • Mythic 10/10 dungeons full clear
  • Mythic Keystone runs
  • Mythic 10 best weekly chest runs
  • Glory of Wartorn hero achievement

Mythic Plus is an endlessly scaling challenge with increased difficulty and rewards. There are different levels of Mythic+ dungeons. For example, a level 10 will be more difficult then level 3 dungeon. Item level of gear rewards is increasing proportionally with 380 gear at Mythic +3 level and 400 ilvl in Mythic +10 level. Each week has specific set of affixes which change the way enemies act and add complexity to the dungeon.

All Mythic Plus affixes:

  • Bolstering  When any non-boss enemy dies, its death cry empowers nearby allies, increasing their maximum health and damage by 20%
  • Bursting When slain, non-boss enemies explode, causing all players to suffer 5% of their max health in damage over 4 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Explosive While in combat, enemies periodically summon Explosive Orbs that will detonate if not destroyed.
  • Fortified Non-boss enemies have 20% more health and inflict up to 30% increased damage.
  • Grievous When injured below 90% health, players will suffer increasing damage over time until healed above 90% health.
  • Infested Some non-boss enemies have been infested with a Spawn of G'huun.
  • Necrotic All enemies' melee attacks apply a stacking blight that inflicts damage over time and reduces healing received.
  • Overflowing Healing in excess of a target's maximum health is instead converted to a heal absorption effect.
  • Quaking Periodically, all players emit a shockwave, inflicting damage and interrupting nearby allies.
  • Raging Non-boss enemies enrage at 30% health remaining, dealing 100% increased damage until defeated.
  • Reaping Non-boss enemies are empowered by Bwonsamdi and periodically seek vengeance from beyond the grave.
  • Relentless Non-boss enemies are granted temporary immunity to Loss of Control effects.
  • Sanguine When slain, non-boss enemies leave behind a lingering pool of ichor that heals their allies and damages players
  • Skittish Enemies pay far less attention to threat generated by tanks.
  • Teeming Additional non-boss enemies are present throughout the dungeon.
  • Tyrannical Boss enemies have 40% more health and inflict up to 15% increased damage.
  • Volcanic While in combat, enemies periodically cause gouts of flame to erupt beneath the feet of distant players.

To start a Mythic Keystone challenge one of our players will bring special Mythic Keystone with  difficulty level you choose . After the end of the dungeon there will be treasure chest which contains loot depending on Key level you completed. If you finish run in timer there will be more loot in the final treasure chest. These pieces of loot will be spread randomly between all party members. Each week players will receive weekly chest in their main city (Dazar'alor for Horde and Boralus for Alliance) with 1 guaranteed gear item. Ilvl of this item depends on the highest key you completed within the week. (with highest ilvl 410 for completing at least one Mythic 10+ dungeon).

Mythic Plus dungeons carry is one of the best and fastest ways in game to get gear because it is endless content. Your character don’t get lockout for completing one dungeon so you can do as many Mythic keystones dungeons as you want.

Buy mythic+ rewards:

  • Mythic 8 - 395 ilvl, weekly chest 400 ilvl
  • Mythic 9 - 395 ilvl, weekly chest 405 ilvl
  • Optimal: Mythic 10 - 400 ilvl, weekly chest 410 ilvl and  625 Titan Residuum
  • Higher keys award you with more 400 loot at the end
  • You receive Titan Residuum currency in you weekly chest depending on highest Key level difficutly you completed within a week. You can buy 370, 385, 400 or 415 Azerite gear from wendor with this currency.


Our boosting team will complete the dungeons according to your preferences. We have different options:

  • Loot-trade – our top geared players with same armor type as yours will trade you all tradable loot they receive
  • In timer – our team will beat the timer in the challenge
  • Specific dungeon – we will complete the dungeon you prefer.


All rewards from BfA dungeons:

Achievement Battle for Azeroth Dungeon Hero for finishing all 8 heroic dungeons

Achievement Keystone Conqueror for completing Mythic 10+ dungeon within time limit

Battle for Azeroth Keymaster for completing all Mythic Plus dungeons.

Keystone master achievement for Mythic 15+ done in timer

Mount Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk for Glory of Wartorn hero meta achievement

Underrot Crawg Hawness mount which drops with 1% chance from the last boss in The Underrot

Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers mount with 1% drop chance from Harlan Sweety boss

Mummified Raptor Skull mount that drops with 1% in King’s Rest dungeon.

We have 24/7 ready-to-go teams with loot trade, different keystones to match your preferences.

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