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WoW Dungeon Boost

WoW dungeons boost: gear, achievements and mounts

Dungeons are content suitable for small groups of 5 people. There are a lot of dungeons in each expansion. Rewards from mythic dungeons:

Scenarios are short story events, quests or challenges. There are 3 main scenarios in game:

  • Proving grounds
  • Death of Chromie
  • BfA Warfronts

Proving grounds are scenario for 1 player where he can test his damage, healing or tanking skills. The goal is to defeat as many waves of NPCs as possible. There are achievements available: Proving Yourself: Endless Tank (Wave 30) with title the Proven Defender. Proving Yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 30) with title the Proven Assailant. Proving Yourself: Endless Healer (Wave 30) with the Proven healer title.. You’re Really Doing it Wrong for doing 10 waves in wrong spec.


Death of Chromie is scenario where you need to save Bronze dragon Chromie. You need to travel back in time in different periods of Warcraft history and protect Chromie from various enemies. You only have 15 minutes to complete this tast, but there are different bonuses from Chromie that can help you succeed. Rewards from Death of Chromie scenario:

Warfronts are battlefields for 20 people. They are created to be similar to RST Warcraft III. Players gather iron and wood resources and build their base to assault army of NPCs and defeat boss. There are two warfronts added in Battle for Azeroth: The Battle for Stromgarde (340-370 loot rewards) and The Battle for Darkshore (355-400 ilvl loot).


We offer all kinds of World of Warcraft dungeons carry:               

  • Mythic 10 weekly chest run
  • BfA Mythic keystone carry on any difficutly level
  • BfA dungeons in normal, heroic or mythic difficulty
  • Keystone master boost
  • Glory of Wartorn hero
  • BfA Warfront Victory farm
  • Legion Mythic dungeons 11/11 run (Attend dungeouns from previous Expansio to see the story of Legion)
  • Return to Karazhan Mythic clear (Get run in the most memorable epic dungeon and defeat archmage Medivh and Legion demons)
  • BfA Warfront Victory
  • The Death of Chromie
  • You’re Really Doing it Wrong achievement boost
  • Proving Yourself: Endless Tank
  • Proving Yourself: Endless Damage
  • Proving Yourself: Endless Healer

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