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WoW Legion Reputation

Legion reputations have been strongly related to the main expansion campaign and opened up new WoW lore through world quest and rep storylines. Everyone wanted the level all the faction to unlock brilliant rewards, legion shoulder enchants, and unique mounts. With our Legion reputation boost, you can skip the actual rep grinding process, while obtaining all the benefits of the exalted and revered levels with any Legion divisions.

Overview of the Legion Reputation


Although the rep acquisition was made simpler for all Legion reputations, less boring and more interesting to perform, it was still a very lengthy endeavor. It was definitely made less grindy in comparison with Warlords of Draenor, but it required lots of patience and sometimes even the luck to get the right specific items to boost the legion reputation to the next level.


The reputations haven’t been obligatory in Legion expansion, but they have still played a very important role in character development. They revealed the new story quests, essential for reputation achievements, unlocked the world quests  (Uniting the Isles), opened access to the legion faction-specific enchants, mounts, toys, and tabards. And on top of that, they were required for unlocking flights with the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One meta-achievement. The reputation gaining is essential for any professional player, who spends weeks grinding them. But what about a regular non-hardcore WoW player?


Do regular players need to boost Legion Reputations?

It all depends on your gaming targets and overall WoW aims. If you are a collector, you definitely need every possible Legion reputation maxed out to exalted, so that, apart from actual rep achievements, you will have a chance to get those faction-specific items.


If you are not into collecting staff, you still might consider buying some of the main Legion reputations, so that you can complete the core quest lines, understand the history of that expansion and unlock the flying in the Broken Isles which is a very good perk especially if you plan on exploring them further. Some particularly-unique reputations in Legion gave players an opportunity to play for the new races, which is also pretty cool and 100% worth your attention.


Additionally, the Legion expansion gave us the unique Artifact that now can be part of your character transmogrification. And some of the cool artifact appearances are also required the player to get exalted with a particular Legion gang.


It doesn’t matter which target you pursue, Legion reps would be a great addition to your overall character development level.


How to farm Legion Reputation?


The ways of gaining a reputation in Legion has been changed compared with the previous expansions. They became much more fun and rewarding. Here is a short list on how to maximize your efficiency while grinding the reputation in Legion.

  • Main Story quests grant lots of reputation. Buy completing those questlines of a particular faction one can get the rep level boosted to Honored. At the Honored level of any Legion reputation, the Treasure map of related zone becomes available. Buying it will unlock the ability to see and loot treasure chests.
  • World Quest also a good source of reputation gains, each zone has a daily rotating number of world quests, which will grand player reputation with a specific Legion group. Such quests are visible on the map and can vary from killing elites to battling some crazy little critters.
  • 4 Featured World Quests - A great amount of reputation can be received by completing the 4 World quests for an Emissary’s chest. They also being renewed daily so if you are looking to get some particular Legion reputation boosted by such cache, keep on checking the map daily, not to miss it.

Does it take long to farm rep in the Legion?


It all depends on your gaming schedule and the amount of time you afford to spend on Legion rep grind. It can take several months for some people while others can do it faster. We totally get, your point here, reputation farm, especially for the previous expansion can be time consuming and boring at times. That is why Boosthive is ready to help you with that!


Our professional Legion rep boosters know all the ways how to farm any reputation efficiently, therefore completing any order in less than 4 weeks. Just imagine that you can save 4 weeks of your time by simply ordering one of our Legion reputations boosting services and enjoying the rewards upon hitting exalted!


If you have already farmed out some reputation levels and tired of constant dailies, it is not an excuse to give up, just drop a line in our support chat and one of our managers will guide you thou a custom legion reputation boost, that can include several reputations and be tailored exactly to your needs, making it cheaper and faster then anywhere else. Just remember Boosthive is always there for you, as we treat every our customer as a family!

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