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WoW BFA Reputation

The World of Warcraft (WoW) BFA expansion has introduced an unprecedented amount of new farmable reputations, which not only unlock the cosmetic items at faction vendors but also allow you to get the actual character development boost and ability to access the new playable factions. Battle for Azeroth (BFA) has turned the rep farm into the essential activity for all types of WoW gamers, therefore buying a WoW BFA Reputation boost will help you open new end-game opportunities for your character.

What Battle for Azeroth reputation is needed for?

World of Warcraft’s reputation was always associated with a long and boring grind to get some high-priced rewards at the exalted stage. The farming process itself was based on the various sources, quests, daily-tasks, items farm, and even mob grind. The BFA expansion has slightly changed the way WoW reps are farmed, shifting the process towards the interesting daily quests that give you a minor BFA reputation boost and countless world quests that give you a better increase in overall faction relation.


The world quests are territory bound and grant players a lot of rep. points for the quest region faction. This new way allows players to perform a fast and efficient BFA rep grind, to buy all the cool staff from faction intendant. Additionally, the new wow factions, introduced in Battle for Azeroth, make it possible to unlock the previously unseen races that have never been discovered before. To sum up, here is the list of all the great stuff you can get by boosting the WoW BFA reputations:


  • New races to play;
  • Fly-pass for BFA locations;
  • Some top Artifact Essences;
  • Rank 2 & Rank 3 crafting recipes;
  • Rep. achievements and titles;
  • Possibility to enhance your WoW reputation & tabard collection;
  • Unlock of the new campaign chapters;
  • Unique factional mounts, pets, and toys;
  • Interesting quests and stories for WoW Lore enthusiasts.


All the above perks can be accessible through buying the World of Warcraft: BFA exalted boost! The Boosthive professional BFA reputations carry service was specifically designed to help you get all the wow faction benefits without the tedious daily routine rep grind. 

How to unlock the best rewards of WoW BFA reputations with our Boost?

It is pretty easy, you have to decide which BFA faction you want to get exalted with and selected it from a wide range of BFA rep boosts available in our catalog. Our manager will then rapidly contact you to discuss the criteria of your order and identify your exact need so that we can deliver you the best and fastest boost on the market. Additionally, if you don’t need the exalted reputation for your character you can always opt for the revered option, which will make your rep boost much cheaper.

Why it is better to buy BFA Reputation in WoW at Boosthive?


Our boosters have already completed thousands of orders related to BFA reputation carry services. They know exactly how to get that battle for Azeroth’s rep to exalted in the fastest way possible. They will skip the low rewarding quests and speed-run your character through each of the purchased rep boosts.


Which factions can I buy a BFA reputation boost on EU and US realms?

Here is a condensed table of the main horde, alliance, and neutral reputations that you should consider boosting for the best loot and perks in the current BFA patch 8.3 expansion.


Horde BFA reputations:

Alliance BFA reputations:

Neutral BFA reputations:

Zandalari Empire

Proudmoore Admiralty

Champions of Azeroth


Order of Embers

Tortollan Seekers

Talanji’s Expedition

Storm’s Wake


7th Legion


The Honorbound



Boosthive is offering BFA reputation boosts for both Alliance and Horde players on EU and US realms to help plates get brilliant rewards from the main faction without the long and boring grinding process. Leave all the routine work to our professional rep boosters and enjoy the fun of the World of Warcraft!

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