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Have you already checked Battle for Azeroth's latest update on live servers? There are tons of things that await you in the game today! This BFA boost catalog is created to keep you updated about everything new in World of Warcraft. We are placing our latest and fresh hot offers on BFA carry on this page.

World of Warcraft is a fast developing game. Blizzard promised their community to release new features faster and they did as promised! Now you can see new Patch every 4-5 months with loads of content. As the game goes on and evolves our Battle for Azeroth boosting services are changing and improving every day. Like in real life some services become popular and others go out of fashion when new content comes. If you like everything new, you definitely should check bfa boosting services very often.


What’s new in WoW now? Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara hit live servers in the middle of the summer and it is already considered as the biggest content update in the game.


  • 2 new zones: Mechagon and Nazjatar
  • 2 New factions: Rustbolt Resistance, the Unshackled and Waveblade Ankoan
  • Eternal Palace raid with Queen Azshara
  • Mechagon Megadungeon for 5 people with Hardmode encounters
  • BFA Season 3 for Mythic+ dungeons and Rated PvP
  • Bunch of new mounts and achievements
  • Stratholme pet dungeon
  • Pathfinder Part 2 so you can finally fly in BfA.


Let’s get more into it, shall we? New locations Nazjatar and Mechagon looks really cool and enormous, but they also provide storylines behind them and daily activities in each zone. When you first head into Nazjatar you will see cool in-game cinematic and notice that there are a lot of new world and daily quests there. On the other hand, Mechagon Island also offers you daily stuff with new rare spawns with mount drops and a lot of fun tasks.


New Mechagon Megadungeon continues the story of evil King Mechagon who wants to turn every living creature in Azeroth into robots. If it doesn’t sound dangerous enough for you, this instance has Hardmode when all bosses became even crazier! You will be rewarded with the mount Aerial Unit R-21/X for completing run with hard mode. It requires a lot of voice coordination so it is impossible to do it clear with pug groups.


There is also a unique Benthic Armor system to help you catch up if you haven’t played BfA for some time. You can buy gear and upgrade it using manapearls currency that is farmed in Nazjatar. Average item level of rewards from Mythic+ dungeons and new Azshara's Eternal Palace raid is also much higher to help you face new threats to Azeroth. Heart of Azeroth was also improved and now it can be modified and grant you active abilities and passive effects that change your gameplay.


Everybody likes to go on new adventures with flying.  So the last but not the least thing on your to-do list must become Pathfinder Part 2. It is an achievement that every single player in WoW strives to get as quickly as possible because it is fast and convenient to use flying mounts.  Don’t waste your time on farming reputation and let our team get you flying in no time.

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