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World of Warcraft Events

World of Warcraft event can fall into many categories, but one thing remains true for them all. They provide additional lore, challenges, and rewards for the players. Be it a daily, weekly or one-time, all WoW World events are well worth completing. For a more specific time-frame of certain events, you can refer to the WoW World Event Calendar as it will provide a better outlook on the events as a whole.

WoW world events fall into several categories, out of which the most common are:


  • Ongoing events – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Seasonal events – Once per season/year as most are tied to a specific, real-life, holiday
  • Micro-holiday events – Tied to specific in-game lore, they usually last a couple of days
  • Unique events – These are mostly one-time events, focusing on a specific, important in-game affair


We can clearly see the differences between different types of World of Warcraft Events, yet they share several same characteristics between them. While some are easier to do than others, the majority of them provide awards of all kinds, such as titles, items, achievements, and other attractive rewards. Not to mention all Azeroth events can further expand upon certain in-game lore, thus broadening the sense of the world itself.


When it comes to short-term WoW seasonal events, the problem usually arises when the player isn't able to play at that specific time-frame. With longer, ongoing events, the problem might be the fact that the player is simply concentrating on different parts of the game and can't afford to pay attention to them, even though they really like the rewards. Boosthive quickly recognized the problem and provided the solution.


Completing WoW World events is one of many services we offer and it continues to have the same, critical impact on our customers. Our expert team of professionals knows most of the Azeroth events as the back of their hands, thus proving the whole experience to be as easy as a goblin pie. The player can sit back, relax and watch our team go through the event like a spell through negative resistance.


Whether you're unable to play for a while or focusing on different aspects of the game, Boosthive's World of Warcraft Event service is specially tailored for your needs. Check our offers, choose the ones that produce the most gain for you, and let them substantially increase your enjoyment of the game.




Are there any requirements before I can buy WoW World events service?

Only a few things:

  • Active game subscription
  • Character of an appropriate level for the event
  • Potential Account sharing

Please have in mind, if you have any specific goals in mind or any other questions, please make sure to communicate them with our Live support team who is more than happy to help


Can I buy more than one Azeroth event?

Of course.

You can buy as many as you like, just let our Live support team know all the details.


You mentioned Account sharing. How can I know this is safe for me?

Your Account security is the number one priority for us.

While we often need access to your account for obvious reasons, it's worth noting that we NEVER ask anything regarding your secret question.

This means the complete control of your account remains safely in your hands.

We also use custom, localized VPN to maximize the security as a whole, thus making it always seem you are the one who's playing.


Ok, that makes sense. What about 3rd party programs, do you use any?

No, we NEVER use 3rd party programs.

All services performed by Boosthive's experts are done manually, by hand, by one of our professional experts.

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