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WoW Classic Professions Boost

Have you ever thought that it is easier to become a real Blacksmith than master a WoW Classic profession to the max level? At times it is a very true statement. Profession leveling in World of Warcraft: Classic is not an easy task, which is very demanding for your free time and the continuous battle for various materials. Trust us, our wow vanilla profession boost worth every penny. Skip tedious farming, crafting, mining, and search for that particular herb you miss to boost the last point of your alchemy! Let our professional boosters power level classic profession for you and enjoy the fun part of the game!

What Vanilla WoW professions can I buy?

All 12 of them can! Just to remind you here is the list of all WoW Classic profession boost that we offer:


Classic artisan or crafting professions:

  • EU / US Classic Engineering 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Alchemy 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Tailoring 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Leatherworking 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Blacksmithing 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Enchanting 300 Skill Boost.

Classic gathering professions:

  • EU / US Classic Herbalism 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Skinning 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Mining 300 Skill Boost.

Classic secondary professions:

  • EU / US Classic Cooking 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic Fishing 300 Skill Boost;
  • EU / US Classic First Aid 300 Skill Boost.

Each WoW Vanilla profession is unique and has a different power leveling time, therefore when selecting your profession boosting services, you can ask for some assistance from our managers that can help you to create a custom order and get an exact WoW Classic profession bundle that you require.


The benefits of the WoW Classic profession boost?


The first and foremost profession is World of Warcraft Classic plays an extremely important role. They give you a competitive advantage over other players in terms of crafted gear, buffs, and other unique profession perks. Additionally, they allow you to survive in some difficult situations, especially with the maxed out Firs Aid! What to say about other advantages, with a high classic profession level it is much easier to join the high-end guild!


This requires a special note as your maximum level crafting profession is ultimately beneficial for your guild members. You can create potions and flasks for your raids, you can craft the gear for your guildmates or simply gather the necessary rare materials and ingredients do that your guild can thrive and push forward the PvE or PvP progress.


The last but not the least is the financial aspect of any WoW Classic profession! It can help you to become a gold millionaire in no time! We all know how hard the situation with gold is on vanilla servers. There is a constant deficit of it especially if you are not a farmer and can’t afford to play 24/7 because of the real-life! That is where the profession can be a good helping hand. With a rightly chosen profession, a single craft can get you thousands of gold in profit. Just think of it, by buying the WoW Classic profession boost you also getting tons of gold as a present!


Which vanilla profession should you choose for boosting?


That is a tricky question. Each profession is different, some can give you awesome class bonuses rising your overall DPS and granting you free top crafted gear of your armor type. Others can be profitable in terms of your in-game finances and bring you an excessive amount of gold! It all depends on your requirements and need of your character. In any way, whether you want to level up tailoring for your mage or get rich with mining, just pick one of out vanilla professions carry services and let us take care of the rest. We will help you to save your time and get the professional boost that you deserve!

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