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WoW Classic (Vanilla) Profession Boost

Tired of roaming in Azeroth in search of herbs and crafting makes you drowsy? Boosthive is ready to make a routine for you! Our dedicated team is always here to complete your WoW Classic profession boost. You will get your service delivered in the shortest time!

Why is it important to have a Vanilla profession skill on maximum?

Alongside the leveling process, professions play an important role in your gameplay. You make influence on realm’s economy, making gold on the Auction House. You prepare your character to end-game content with craft professions. And here we come to the second question.

Why should I buy Classic professions carry?

Any leveling in vanilla is associated with the word “grind”. You may spend hours in search of last Earthroot to start gathering next level herb or get yourself stuck with finding new recipes. We guarantee our classic professions carry will bring your experience to a new level, as we know all the secrets of profession leveling.

Will my account be safe, if I buy Vanilla professions?

Short answer is yes! 5 years on the boosting market makes us a reliable providers of any in-game services. We always use VPN and will never compromise your account. Feel free to check our Trustpilot page with more than 650 reviews.

Reasons to choose Boosthive:

  • We follow schedule you give us for logging into the account
  • Only tornado or Deathwing can delay the completion of your order. Literally.
  • Our team works 24hours 7days per week. We are always ready to help you!
  • Custom tasks are welcome! Need a specific recipe? No problem!
  • Friendly and polite support is at your service!


I have part of the work done, do I get a discount?


Sure, we are ready to discuss a reasonable price for any task you may have for us. We know that you can struggle at some point in the game. You are guaranteed with discount, if you want to use our WoW Vanilla professions leveling service for some part of progression!

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