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Burning Crusade Classic Mounts

Purchasing Burning Crusade Classic mounts have never been easier with the professional team of boosters that we have gathered for you. All Vanilla TBC mounts are available for sale with a 100% guarantee on order completion and the shortest boosting time possible. Get your TBC mount collection boosted with Ashes of Al’ar, Azure Netherwing Drake, or Cenarion War Hippogryph with just a couple of clicks!

TBC Classic Mount Boost Explained

The Burning Crusade Classic is the renaissance of mount collectors as it is the first World of Warcraft expansion with the ability to fly your ridable creatures right into the skies of outland. With the first steps into the Outland, players will learn the flying skills and obtain their first-ever flying mount in WoW.

Both mount vendors are located in Hellfire Peninsula in the respective cities of Horde (Thrallmar) and Allices (Honor Hold).

So as soon as you got your first flying mount it would be hard to stop boosting your TBC Classic mount collection at this stage. And that is where our Burning Crusade Classic mount carry services can come in handy. Let us see why you might want to buy Vanilla TBC mounts rather than to get them yourself.

Top difficulties to farm mounts in TCB Classic:

  • the mount grinding is very time-consuming;
  • Classic TBC Mounts are linked to reputations;
  • raid and dungeons mounts have a very low drop rate;
  • some mounts can only be obtained while in a well-geared group.

Despite all of these Boosthive has a great solution to save your time and still immensely grow your mount collection. Just let our professional TBC mount carry team take care of it. We give a 100% guarantee on any order completion, any mount looted, and can vouch for the reliability of our boosters and your account safety.

The Classic Burning Crusade mount boosting works as easy as always!

  1. Select your desired classical mount from TBC expansion.
  2. Place the order through a checkout page.
  3. Let our booster take care of the rest and ride your new mount!

As easy as that, just 3 simple steps can make difference in having a cool mount or still drifting around on the low poly classic wolf. So what mounts you should buy in the upcoming TBC expansion for our favorite World of Warcraft Classic game? Let us tell you about the coolest and rarest of mounts in Outland.

Best Mounts in Burning Crusade Classic?

Best mounts are usually the hardest ones to get and Classic TBC ones are not an exception. The cooler mount looks the more time is needed to obtain it. This so-called mechanic and status progression was ruined in the latest expansion but was still pretty intact in Burning Crusade.

So what are the coolest mounts to buy in Classic Burning Crusade to show off your outstanding accomplishments? Here is your answer carefully sorted and analyzed by our veteran WoW players who know this list by heart from some painful farming experience.

Top 6 mounts of the Burning Crusade Classic Expansion:

  1. Cenarion War Hippogryph.
  2. Reins of the Raven Lord (Anzu mount).
  3. Fiery Warhorse's Reins.
  4. Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake.
  5. Ashes of Al'ar.
  6. Swift White Hawkstrider.

Those are the hottest mounts you can ride in the OUtland. Some of them are flying mount whereas some can just run through the forest of this damaged land. But despite that, all of them look cool have a fresh Burning Crusade style and animation, and would serve you a great service long into the future expansions.

So whether you want a rares flying TBC Classic mount or you are looking to buy some unique ground one Boothive is there to help you. Our Burning Crusade mount boosting services are fast, reliable, and would leave you amazed at the amount of time you can save.

However if you are still willing to farm classic mounts of BC yourself, we have the next section specifically for you.

How to farm Mounts in TBC Classic?

The mounts in Burning Crusade, both the current one and the WoW Classic version can be divided into 3 main categories by the way they can be obtained. Here they are.

3 ways to loot your TBC Classic mounts:

  • TBC Classic Reputation Mounts;
  • Classic Burning Crusade dungeon and raid mounts;
  • TBCC PvP mounts.

So it is pretty straightforward. Most of the mounts will require you to farm lots of reputation and buy them for gold. However, the other low drop rare mounts can result in farming the same instance over and over for weeks or even months.

PvP mounts are a completely different story there are a series of  Vengeful Nether Drake mounts that are rewarded for the top standing in the arena ladder. Those are extremely rare and would require to have outstanding gaming skills and a very smooth team to play in.

With all that said, our Burning Crusade mount carry team is ready to assist you in obtaining any one of the Outland mounts, and if you want something specific, that we miss in our store, reach out to us. Our well knowledgeable support managers will do their best to help you and create a custom order so that you can ride your favorite mount in the new Classic expansion.

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