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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Boosting

Classic WoW update - The Burning Crusade is being released soon and therefore breaths some fresh air into the seemingly forgotten Classic version of Warcraft. Buying TBC boosting services will be as always easy and fast with the professional team of Classic WoW: TBC carry teams! Check out the Burning Crusade carries that we have for sale and chose to get one with a 100% guarantee of completion!

Classic The Burning Crusade Update

The beta test of WoW Classic Burning Crusade is heard to be started this month and therefore players will be allowed to once again enter the Outland through the dark portal and fight the long gone powerful enemies such as Lady Vashj and Kaelthas Sunstrider together with one of the most powerful night elves Illidan Stormrage.

Doesn’t it sound awesome?! The original Burning Crusade was released back in 2007 and the new updated, patched versions will soon hit live servers allowing the veterans to experience those nostalgic feelings and the new players to experience this epic adventure on their own.

So what Burning Crusade update for WoW classic will bring us? There are a lot of speculations going on right now as the information is very limited however we at Boosthive have played TBC 14 years ago and know what it should deliver.

So here it is - all we know about WoW Classic update to Burning Crusade: 

  • there might be a gold squish to reduce Classic gold inflation;
  • there might be a global whip that will make players start over in WoW TBC;
  • buffs such as Drums of Battle will be optimized and nerfed;
  • 3 new raids will be eventually added - Karazhan, Black Temple, and Sunwell Plateau;
  • multiple new instances from the original Outland will be added to the game;
  • spell Batching in TBC might be completely removed;
  • PvP balance and new abilities will be added to classes;
  • new races added being Draenei and Blood Elves;
  • the level cap will be increased.

All of these changes info and novelties do not answer the most asked question, however, but we have something interesting to share here.

When is the WoW Classic TBC’s release date?

Officially there is no announced release date for WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade Expansion yet, however, there are rumors going around.

Here are some of them:

  1. TBC beta test will start somewhere in February 2021;
  2. it will last lake usual for 2-3 months before the official release;
  3. therefore we can see TBC released in May 2021;
  4. some sources mention the release date being 4th May 2021.

Those are no official dates and probably we will only get to know the real ones on the Blizzcon that is soon going to happen and bring a lot of new announcements for 2021.

Burning Crusade Carry Services

What services Boosthive will be offering in the Burning Crusade Classic you might wonder. As usual, we have a whole range of TBC boosts planned out, and here are some of the most popular ones.

  1. The Burning Crusade Powerleveling Services (Level 70).
  2. TBC PvP Boosting and Honor Rank climb.
  3. PvE Dungeons carries in The Burning Crusade Classic.
  4. TBC Classic Raid boosts for TK, SSC, and BT.
  5. Other awesome TBC carry services.

All these boosts will be available for sale as soon as The Burning Crusade expansion will hit the live Classic WoW servers. Browse through top PvE and PvE TBC carries and select the ones most suitable for you.

Don’t forget that all our WoW TBC boostings can be customized for your needs and tailored specially for your character. To do so please speak to one of our support managers and they will be more than glad to help you with that.

Buying Classic WoW TBC boosts

People usually don’t have enough time to complete the most challenging and hardcore parts of World of Warcraft Classic, however, our TBC boosting services can solve this problem. Boosthive is here to:

  • Offer you the fastest services in The Burning Crusade;
  • Give you a 100% guarantee on order completion;
  • Get you the most competitive prices on the TBC boosting market;
  • Provide you with a professional and experience carry team.

With all those perks and the vast range of boosting services, Boosthive is definitely the place for you to purchase any Classic Burning Crusade carries, especially with a simplified way to do it.

  1. Just pick the TBC classic boost.
  2. Select the options.
  3. Complete the order at the checkout page.
  4. Speak to our support manager to clarify all the details.
  5. Enjoy your boost and awesome TBC rewards!

With this easy process, you can the top quality, fast, and cheap Classic WoW boosts in Burning Crusade expansion. Just hit us up and we will get exactly what you are looking for.

Top Burning Crusade Carries to Get

When TBC expansion will be rolled out onto the Classic WoW servers the best plan of action will include several top boosting services that can get you a competitive advantage over the other players. This lead can then be profitable in both gold making and gam fun.

Boosthive offers you to get the following boosts to get you started in the new expansion:

  • The Burning Crusade Classic Fast Powerleveling;
  • TBC gear and reputation boosts;
  • PvP Honor Rank 14 in Burning Crusade Classic;
  • raid unlocks and loots runs.

With just those couple of services, you will get enough power to your character to pawn your opponent in PvP and clear the most challenging dungeons and raid bosses in PvE. Buy Burning Crusade Classic carries from Boosthive and forget about boring grind and wipes forever.

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