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Zul'Farrak boost is a single run through 12 bosses in 44-54 level dungeon - Zul'Farrak with all dropped loot. Choose the number of runs and "Selfplay" if you want to play your own.

Carry ETA: 1-2 hours. 

Zul'Farrak is a 5-ppl dungeon in Tanaris added in WoW Classic. It's an open area where you can use mounts.

Zul'Farrak dungeon boost includes:

Important information: we currently don't support all servers/factions. Check availability on your server in chat support before purchasing this service.


  • 43 or higher level character
  • WoW Classic subscription

We use a VPN for account protection and never ask any secret questions so your account will be protected from theft.

Zul'Farrak (43-54)