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The Jailer Kill

The Jailer boost is a run to defeat the final boss of Sepulcher of the First Ones raid in any mode - normal, heroic, or mythic. Join pro raiding guild and experience the fight against the main Shadowlands antagonist with no stress. Purchasing Jailer carry is a fast and easy way to get the Sepulcher last boss kill, some epic gear, and AotC achievement.

We work with top PvE raiding guilds to offer fast Jailer carries. Check the closest Jailer kills with our managers before booking.

The Jailer, Zovaal boost includes:

  1. Fast Jailer kill in chosen difficulty
  2. Title for mythic difficulty - Guardian of the Pattern.
  3. Chance to get 278 (heroic) or 285 (mythic) ilvl gear.
  4. Free selfplay for Mythic: The Jailer boss kill.
  5. The Grand Design achievement.

Boost takes ~1 hr.

Please note: Achievements Ahead of the Curve: The Jailer and Cutting Edge: The Jailer are no longer available. Carcinized Zerethsteed mount is also not available anymore. Zereth Overseer mount now has only 1% drop chance and is not guaranteed to drop from mythic mode.

The Sepulcher last boss run in mythic are cross-server now - no need for character transfer. However, please have a look at some minimal requirements before buying Jailer kill carries. If you still have some questions, feel free to contact us.


  • fresh SotFO last boss cooldown in heroic;
  • fresh SotFO mythic raid cooldown for mythic Jailer carry;
  • 60+ level.

In case there will be any additional requirements before you can fight Zovaal, The Jailer, we will update you with all relevant information from PTR.

WoW The Jailer Boss Fight

Zovaal, the Jailer is the main antagonist in Shadowlands expansion. He was behind the events happening in Warcraft III and WotLK. The Jailer was responsible for the creation of Frostmourne blade and turning Arthas into the Lich King. And now he is seeking the forbidden knowledge in Zereth Mortis, so he can rewrite the reality itself.

Let's sum up what we know about the last Sepulcher of the First Ones boss

  1. It will be a multi-staged fight harder than everything we have faced before.
  2. There will be insane visuals during the fight.
  3. The laws of physics will be broken when facing such a mighty foe.
  4. Champions of Azeroth will be able to take over in the end.
  5. The fight will conclude the stories of Sylvanas, Uther, Jaina, and Shadowlands realm.
  6. There are some chances of Arthas appearance.
  7. There will be a large cinematic revealed at the end.

Let us now describe how we will provide the carry service for The Jailer boss and why you should buy it.

Jailer Boosting in SotFO Raid

We have prepared this service for those who value their free time but still want to get some epic Jailer loot and achievements and see the fight and the story conclusion in Shadowlands's "Eternity's End" patch. With the SotFO last boss carry service, you will not have to worry about performing tactics and multiple wipes.

Our Jailer (Zovaal) boost will help you:

  • defeat last boss in Sepulcher raid with top raiding guild;
  • avoid wipes and long attempts;
  • have fun in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • save hours of your free time;
  • receive some cool rewards.

Our Jailer carry service will help you experience the desired content in a chill way with no stress. Feel free to contact our 24/7 available managers with all your questions. We are always online and ready to assist you.

Zovaal or The Jailer?

Zovaal has not always been the Jailer in the Maw. Eons ago his name was Zovaal, and he was the Arbiter of Shadowlands. But he betrayed leaders of covenants and decided to change the balance of the cosmos. His fellow Eternal Ones had no choice but to cast him into the Maw. From this day forward he was known as The Jailer and the ruler of the Maw.

But now he unleashed his full power and got freed by stealing five covenant sigils. The Jailer is no longer in prison. And now death comes for the soul of Azeroth!

The Jailer