Xenophage Exotic Quest


The Xenophage is an exotic machine gun that can be obtained after completing a quest that leads to activating and defeating Volmar in the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Getting Xenophage solo might be quite challenging for new players as it requires a well-coordinated group to solve all puzzles and get to the final boss. That's why buying Xenophage Exotic boost is a good way for everyone who values their free time and nerves.

D2 Xenophage carry is a completion of the full quest chain to unlock one of the best exotic in a relaxed atmosphere. Our team will finish all the steps and execute all puzzles and necessary encounters in the dungeon with ease. Get Xenophage exotic fast - an excellent gun for all types of enemies with plenty of ammo and hard-hitting explosive rounds that usually don't miss.

D2 Xenophage quest boosting rewards:

  1. Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage obtained.
  2. Exotic questline completed on your guardian.
  3. Full Pit of Heresy run (additional option).
  4. Chance to get extra loot from the dungeon.

Boost takes ~2-3 hours.

Select the full Xenophage quest completion or choose the specific steps that are hard to complete. Before buying Xenophage Exotic, please read carefully the basic requirements for this service.


  • 940+ power level;
  • Pit of Heresy unlocked (additional option is needed if not),

How To Get Xenophage in 2022?

In order to get Xenophage, head to the Moon and travel to the area where Eris Morn's memory quests were located. The easiest way to get there is to land at Sorrow's Harbor and go north through the Enduring Abyss. Search for the pyramid with four interactable statues.

Lit the statues up at the same time with the following order: front right - back left - back right - front left. Once it is done, you will get the first part of Xenophage's exotic quest called The Emergence.

Continue the steps with our Xenophage quest guide:

  1. Finish the Journey and Lighting the Way exotic quests on the Moon.
  2. Complete x4 Moon's Lost Sectors and solve puzzles to gather Path Fragments.
  3. Solve puzzles in Pit of Heresy to summon and defeat Volmar, The Tempted.
  4. Congratulations! You now got Xenophage exotic machine gun.

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