Vicious Skyflayer

Vicious Skyflayer

Vicious Skyflayer is the new seasonal PvP mount that can be farmed in Season 1 of The War Within. It is awarded for filling 100% of the PvP mount progress bar while having a rating of over a thousand. Buying Vicious Skyflayer will get you this awesome mount in no time by a team of professional PvP players with years of experience behind their backs.

Start time: ~15 minutes | Boost takes: 4-7 days.
WoW Vicious Skyflayer boost includes
  1. Epic mount: Vicious Skyflayer.
  2. Achievement: Forged Combatant.
  3. ~78 rated arena wins in 3v3/solo shuffle mode.
  4. Tons of Conquest and Arena points.
  5. PvP gear from the Great Vault at the end of the week.

Important: We obtain Vicious Skyflayer from a low rating for the sake of service completion speed. If you want to get to a rating of 1800+ after the mount is obtained, you can do so by selecting a corresponding additional option before making the purchase.

We offer the Vicious Skyflayer boost to players from all regions, however, please make sure to take a look at the basic requirements before making the purchase.

  • level 80;
  • The War Within expansion.

WoW Vicious Skyflayer for Sale

Vicious Skyflayer really does live up to its name! Looking more brutal than most other PvP mounts it will be an amazing addition to every mount collector, or any player in general. This spider-like mount with a skeletal appearance and blue, icy textures has a distinctive armor set, with chains and a glowing torch that reflects its origins tied to the undead Nerub’ar race from the icy regions of Azeroth. 

While this mount is absolutely beautiful, obtaining is no easy task. It is especially true for players who are new to PvP or dislike participating in it in general. However, there is another, more convenient, and surefire way to get this mount. Our Vicious Skyflayer carry is just that! Our professional teams will take care of everything for you in just a couple of days, while all that is left for you is to enjoy the rewards.

Advantages of our The War Within Season 1 Vicious Mount boost
  • 100% guarantee on the order completion;
  • saving time;
  • removes the stress that comes with PvP;
  • boost is safely performed by professional players;
  • no 3rd party software or cheats are used;
  • customer support is available 24/7 (even on holidays!).

Buying The War Within vicious PvP mount from the first season of The War Within here at Boosthive is one of the fastest ways to add this glorious mount to your collection. If you have any questions regarding the Vicious Skyflayer mount service, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our customer support team! We are always available and are ready to assist you at all times. Expand your mount collection with Vicious Skyflayer mount today!

Vicious Skyflayer