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Vanilla Tailoring 1-300

Here you can buy Tailoring profession on WoW Classic servers. We level up from Apprentice to Artisan using the most effective and less gold consuming methods. If you are playing mage or priest, Tailoring is a must for your class. You can create good gear with fire resistance and craft bags that can be sold on the Auction House. Tailoring bags will be very popular on the market. Cloth reagents can be farmed in dungeons. We recommend pairing this profession with Engineering or Enchanting  

Classic Tailoring boost includes:

  • 1-300 skill increase on your character
  • A lot of crafted items to use or sell to other players
  • 100% done by hands and real players
  • Account sharing method when our team logs into your account to complete Tailoring carry service
  • VPN for account security and safety
  • Livestream of the process (please ask before we start)


  • 60 lvl character on the Classic server
  • Active WoW subsription
  • 400+ gold to learn skills (more gold may be required)
  • Piloted mode

We log into your account using VPN and we never ask your secret question so your account will be protected from theft.

Tailoring 1-300