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Classic Lockpicking

Here you can buy Lockpicking skill for your rogue on WoW Classic server. This ability goes in pair with rogue skill Pick Pocket. You steal junk boxes from humanoids and then open them with Lockpicking skill. There are some gold, materials and even gear in these boxes. 

Default Lockpicking boost includes:

  • 1-300 skill increased on your rogue
  • All gold, loot and materials from junk boxes included
  • Account sharing method (we enter your account to complete lockpicking carry)
  • VPN for account sharing
  • Stream (please always ask if it is possible to provide stream)


  • 60 lvl on Classic servers
  • 15 gold to learn new skills
  • Rogue class
  • Active WoW subscription

We use VPN when doing account sharing and never ask your secret question. So your account will be protected from theft.


WoW Classic Lockpicking