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Vanilla Engineering Boost

Here you can buy Engineering profession on Classic WoW servers. This is the best profession both for PvE and PvP. It allows you to craft a lot of different items: gear, useful tank devices, trinkets, explosives and ammo for hunters. For the best outcome, we recommend pairing Classic Engineering with Mining or Enchanting. ETA up to 2-3 weeks depending on reagents situation on your server.

Classic Engineering carry includes:

  • 1-300 skill increased on your character
  • A lot of different devices after you reach Artisan Engineer
  • All process is done by hands with the usage of most effective guides
  • Account sharing (for this service we enter your character and play during Engineering boost)
  • VPN of your country for piloted mode
  • Livestream (please ask before we do account sharing with our player)

There are 2 ways to level Engineering:

  • Gnomish Engineering allows you to create utility items and BoE gear
  • Goblin Engineering focuses on explosives and BoP items (mostly for PvP)

Please NOTE that you can have only one way, so choose carefully.


  • 60 lvl character on Classic Servers
  • 20-30 gold if you have Mining 280
  • 200+ gold without Mining 
  • Active WoW subscription

Our team uses VPN for account security and we never ask your secret question, so the account is protected from theft.

Engineering 1-300