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Woodworking Trade Skill Boost

Estimated time for boost: 3 days

Woodworking Trade Skill is one of the refining skills in the New World MMO game. With this skill, your champion will be able to turn raw wood into the processed Wood Materials that can be then used by crafting professions. Buying the Woodworking Trade Skill leveling is a perfect way to save your gaming time and get a complimentary skill to earn some coins.

Woodworking Trade Skill carry rewards:

  1. Woodworking refining profession upgraded to 200.
  2. Skill to refine different wood into lumber at the woodcutting station.
  3. All coins, materials, and crafted items left after the boost.
  4. Reaching 200 skill will reward you with Master Carpenter New World achievement.
  5. The corresponding profession - Logging Skill (additional option).

Boost ETA: 2-3 days.

Woodworking heavily depends on the use of wood materials. You need to have Logging in order to make use of Woodworking Trade skill. Otherwise, the only way to level Woodworking will be to buy wood from other players that is not so profitable in terms of coins.


  • New World account;
  • at least 50 level Logging;
  • 60 level;
  • Steam Guard active.

New World Woodworking Trade Skill Leveling

Buying the NW Woodworking Skill boost is essential for players that want to unlock the end-game content with some coins in their bag. It is a useful refinery skill that lots of the main professions make use of. Woodworking allows refining fiber into the high-tier wood material, which is then used in crafting high-end gear and equipment.

The Woodworking Trade Skill leveling services will get your wood refining to the max level (200) and unlock access to the end-game recipes and provision for the top crafting professions. If you want to buy the Woodworking Trade Skill carry or check what fast leveling guide our boosters make use of, you can always contact our support team and they will be glad to assist you 24/7.