Wish-Ender Exotic Quest


The Wish-Ender is an Exotic Bow in D2 rewarded for completing the mission that starts in the Shattered Throne dungeon. Finishing the Wish Ender quest might be difficult for new players as it requires a coordinated group to run the dungeon. Avoid wasting time trying to gather a random group for old content by buying Wish-Ender Bow quest boost.

D2 Wish Ender Exotic quest carry helps to unlock one of the best Bows without any trouble. It is extremely powerful and useful in both PvE and PvP aspects of the game mostly because of its unique perk. It highlights the enemies so players can see through walls. Order Wish-Ender Exotic Bow and our team will take care of all the steps and get this unique bow with no stress.

D2 Wish-Ender quest boosting rewards:

  1. Wish-Ender Exotic quest completed.
  2. Wish-Ender Bow obtained.
  3. Shattered Throne dungeon run.
  4. Other loot that might drop during the service.
  5. Livestream (additional option).

Boost takes: 3-4 hours.

Select the full completion of the Wish Ender quest or customize your order by picking the steps that our team needs to do on the Guardian. Before buying Wish Ender, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this service.


  • 1100+ power level;
  • Forsaken DLC unlocked.
  • Forsaken campaign (additional option if it is not completed).

How to Get Wish-Ender in D2?

Getting it is a challenge as you need to play through the Shattered Throne dungeon with a well-organized group. We will guide you through all the steps of Wish-Ender exotic quest completion in 2022.

  1. Complete the Forsaken campaign to get the Broken Awoken Talisman.
  2. Defeat the first boss in Shattered dungeon and interact with the Bow Statue.
  3. Complete the "???" mission on the Tangled Shore in Four-Horned Gulch.
  4. Acquire three Tokens from the quest and return to the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  5. Search for statues with no orbs. Killing three bosses will cleanse all three Tokens
  6. Return to the bow statue near the Ogre boss and get your Wish-Ender.

Finishing all the steps might be confusing for new players. Add the difficulty of forming a good group to run Shattered Throne and you will get hard challenge. Don't worry as it is not a problem anymore. We offer Wish-Ender Exotic Bow for sale for everybody who needs some help doing this questline and executing all these encounters. Contact us anytime or simply place an order and our managers will help organize your boost