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Waveblade Ankoan

Here you can buy reputation with Waveblade Ankoan. This faction was added in BfA Patch 8.2 and located in Nazjatar. Waveblade Ankoan are warriors from the depths of the ocean who joined Alliance to help in battle agains Nagas and Queen Azhsara. With Exalted faction sell Heart of Azeroth essences, mount, pet and profession recipes for Enchanting and Alchemy. You will also get some Prismatic manapearls currency for your Benthic gear upgrade during this wow reputation farm. Service takes up to 4 weeks to complete.

Waveblade Ankoan reputation boost include:

  • Revered or Exalted with Waveblade Ankoan (Alliance only)
  • 100% done by hands via world and daily quests in Najatar
  • Account sharing (We log into your character every day to farm reputation)
  • VPN for account security
  • Livestream (please ask about technical possibility before we start)

What you can buy from Waveblade Ankoan Exalted:


  • 120 level character on Alliance
  • Account sharing (we log into your account to do carry)
  • Nazjatar World Quests unlocked

We use VPN for account security and never ask secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Waveblade Ankoan