Voidbent Armor Set Boost

Voidbent Armor Set

Voidbent armor in New World is a Tier 5 legendary craftable set with a 600 Gear Score. However, a lot of grinding and farming is required in order to create this powerful gear on your account. We offer you to buy Voidbent armor from our boosting team and equip your character in top gear to dominate in PvE & PvP.

Voidbent sets are currently available on EU Central & NA East servers.

NW Voidbent armor set boost rewards:

  1. Chosen Voidbent set for your character.
  2. Each set contains five gear pieces.
  3. Voidbent full set attributes:
    • 125 Strength (light armor route);
    • 125 Dexterity (medium armor set);
    • 125 Constitution (full heave armor).
  4. Each Voidbent armor piece has gem slot:
    • resilient - 4.8% (24% from 5 pieces) crit damage taken reduction;
    • invigorated - 4.8% (24% from 5 slots) reduced duration of invigorated debuffs;
    • luck - 2.8% (full set - 14%) bonus chance to get rare items from enemies & chests.
  5. Everything is done manually, using only legal methods. 

Boost takes: 3 days (1 day for express).

Please check the basic requirements before buying NW Voidbent Armor. In case you still have any questions, you can join us in the online chat, discord, or skype. Our support managers are always online and they are ready to help you.


  • 60 level;
  • E-mail Steam Guard active.

New World Voidbent Armor For Sale

Our carry team has already prepared characters with 200 Armoring Trade skill and gathered all necessary rare materials. So after you buy Voidbent set carry, our players will just craft everything and trade you all items from a particular set: light, medium, or heavy. 

Here is the full list of pieces included for each type of Voidbent Armor sets in NW:

  • Light Voidbent Armor: Voidbent Wraps, Voidbent Robes, Voidbent Gloves, Voidbent Pants & Voidbent Shoes;
  • Medium Voidbent Armor: Voidbent Hat, Voidbent Coat, Voidbent Grips, Voidbent Leggings, Voidbent Boots;
  • Heavy Voidbent Armor: Voidbent Helm, Voidbent Breastplate, Voidbent Gauntlets, Voidbent Legguards, Voidbent Sabatons.

When you purchase Voidbent Armor carry, you need to choose what type of armor you want to use, depending on your playstyle, role, and Weapon Tree.

How to craft Voidbent Armor in New World?

Crafting Voidbent set is not a joke as it requires hours or even days of material grind in high-level zones. That's true that players can buy all materials at the Auction, but it will cost you a fortune. Rare ore and other reagents are very expensive. We've prepared a full-step guide on how to acquire full Voidbent equipment if you decide to go on your own.

Firstly, you need to level your Mining Trade skill to 175 and Armoring Skill to 200. That's essential before you can start farming materials.

Secondly, players will need to mine Orichalcum Vein deposits in the endgame zone - Shattered Mountain. These Veins primarily drop Orichalcum Ore but have a small chance of dropping Void Ore.

Thirdly, all Void Ore must be harvested and turned into Voidbent Ingots. You can use Tier 3 Smelter in the main towns. Each Voidbent Ingot requires x1 Void Ore, x1 Void Essence, and x10 Energy Cores.

Other materials for voidbent armor craft are also extremely rare and hard to farm. You will need enough Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Blisterweave, Scalecloth, Runic Threads, and Phoenixweave. 

Locate the Outfitting Station (light or medium armor) or Forge (heavy) in any settlement. Choose the recipe that is unlocked only on 200 Armoring Skill and finally get Voidbent armor.

Voidbent Armor Boosting Service

As you can see, the process of obtaining all primary and secondary resource materials for this armor is very long and hard. All reagents drop only in high-level zones crowded with hard-hitting monsters. All materials are rare and that means they have low drop chances as well. Plus you need to level your Mining to 175 and Armoring to 200 Skill. That takes hours of gameplay and a tedious grind. 

That's why our Voidbent Armor carry in New World is the easiest and less stressful and time-consuming option for you. Get one of the best legendary armor sets in New World without spending weeks of farming.

Voidbent Armor Set