Violet Hold Run

Violet Hold

Violet Hold (VH) boost will ensure the smoothest and fastest run to this Classic WotLK dungeon. The entrance to VH is located in the city of Dalaran. Buying a run to Violet Hold will save lots of time for any player who wants to get some juicy loot from this instance. It is also very helpful for completing dungeon-related quests and activities.

Violet Hold is available for any character of level 75 and above, with the heroic mode being unlocked at lvl 80. No additional attunements are required in order to enter this dungeon. VH dungeon boosts for sale can be used by characters from any of the Classic WotLK realms.

WotLK Violet Hold boost rewards:

  1. Fast VH run (Normal or Heroic).
  2. Violet Hold achievement (Normal).
  3. Heroic: Violet Hold achievement (Heroic).
  4. Chance to get 175 ilvl loot from normal and 200 ilvl loot from heroic modes.
  5. Chance to get Frozen Orb (Heroic).
  6. 3x Emblem of Heroism (heroic).

Boost takes: ~2-3 hours.

Important: Make sure to check if Violet Hold dungeon carries are available on your server at the time of purchase.

It is also possible to pick more than one VH run with a slider. Since lots of XP can be acquired during the run, using this service is also good for leveling your character. Don’t forget to check some basic requirements for the service before buying VH runs.


  • level 75 (normal);
  • level 80 (heroic).

How to get Violet Hold Boost

The procedure of buying VH boosting services is really quick and simple. Here’s a quick recap of it, as well as answers to some of the most asked questions.

  1. Decide how many runs you would like to buy and pick the number with the slider.
  2. Verify the order details with customer support.
  3. Finalize the order at the checkout.
  4. Enjoy your Violet Hold runs!

If you want to add something extra to the service or ask any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support! Our managers work 24/7, meaning that they are always ready to help, even if it is the middle of the night. Here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about this service.

Where is Violet Hold?

Violet Hold is a prison located in Dalaran. The entrance can be found at these exact coordinates: 67.13, 68.61. There isn’t a need to be near the dungeon since summoning is always an option, but being there speeds up the boosting process for a little bit. It is especially true considering that the dungeon is located in the major hub city of the expansion, so it shouldn't be an issue getting there at all!

WotLK VH Bosses and Loot

Violet Hold has three total bosses that the group has to fight. However, there is a catch. The first two bosses of the dungeon are randomly selected from these adversaries:

The final boss of Violet Hold, however, is always the same. It is a dragon called Cyanigosa. She is the most powerful resident of the Violet Hold which also drops the best loot in this dungeon. While players can get blue loot from most of the bosses, heroic Cyanigosa also drops epic purples. It also drops a Frozen Orb, which is extremely important for all crafters in the game.

Violet Hold (VH) Heroic Boost

Just like every other heroic dungeon, players can access the heroic version of Violet Hold at level 80. Since there are no additional requirements or attunements, it attracts many undergeared and unprepared groups. This makes pug groups extremely unreliable and frustrating to play with.

Our cheap and fast runs deal with this problem. Get a smooth Violet Hold Heroic run where you can always be sure that the dungeon goes smoothly and without any hiccups. If you have any additional questions or want to add extra requirements to your order, please contact our customer support team via online chat, Skype, or Discord.

Violet Hold