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Vicious War Toad

Vicious War Toad boost allows you to get this new 9.2 seasonal PvP mount from Season 3 of Shadowlands. it is awarded for achieving the 100% PvP mount progress bar while being over 1000+ rating. When you buy Vicious War Toad mount, our top team of professional PvP players will help you get this reward fast and in a relaxed atmosphere.

WoW Vicious War Toad mount boost rewards:

  1. Ground mount - Vicious War Toad.
  2. 1000+ Arena rating in 3v3.
  3. Tons of Conquest and Honor points.
  4. A lot of fun during arena games.

Boost takes: 4-7 days.

We offer Vicious War Toad carry for all the players. However, please read the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • 60 level;
  • 225 ilvl with 2 PvP trinkets.

WoW Vicious War Toad For Sale

The Toad mounts have unique models and animations and the Horde and Alliance-themed ones also look awesome. PvP seasonal War Toads were added in patch 9.2 of Shadowlands and became the fan-favorite reward for PvP players. 

And now you can obtain this mount with a faction-based color for simply winning the required number of PvP battles. Vicious War Toad will be available with a 100% guarantee for the whole duration of PvP Season 3 during patch 9.2 Eternity's End. 

The process of obtaining the PvP Vicious mount in Season 3 remains the same. It is very straightforward, long and requires a lot of time and arena dedication. But how to get Vicious War Toad if you hate PvP or simply don't have a team to farm PvP battles? We offer you the best solution - simply buy Vicious War Toad from us, relax and enjoy riding your new mount in no time. 

Advantages of the Vicious War Toad boost:

  • order completion guarantee;
  • time saved with the fast Vicious War Toad carry;
  • experienced PvP players;
  • safe, legal and time-proven boosting method;
  • free selfplay option for additional safety;
  • 24/7 Live Support to answer your questions.

As you can see, it is obvious that purchasing the Vicious War Toad is the easiest way to get this Toad mount into your collection. It will be very hard to grind at the start of Season 3 as the PvP ladder will be reset and top PvP players will be in lower brackets as well.

With the end of Shadowlands Season 3, this mount will not be obtainable for a long time and will only reappear much lately as a trade for the Vicious Saddle currency in the next expansion. Don't miss your chance to get your War Toad mount at a cheap price now. 

Vicious War Toad