Vertus Guardian

Vertus Guardian

Vertos carry is a service that both experienced and novice Lost Ark players will find extremely useful. Since Vertos’ rewards are great for anyone in the item level range of 420, both types of players will enjoy getting them without the stress of killing the boss themselves. Vertus guardian boost is designed for characters of item level 420 and above. All guardians raids can be completed limited times a week and our guardian Vertus raid boost helps players to secure their weekly rewards.

Lost Ark Vertus boosting service includes:

  1. The chosen number of Vertus Guardian raids completed.
  2. Chance to get: Ability stones, special Guardian card, class engraving & Ability stone.
  3. Some accessories.
  4. Rare crafting materials.
  5. Stream (additional option).

Boost takes: 20-30 mins/kill.

Before buying a Vertus kill, please have a look at the basic requirements. Only max-level characters with a certain minimal gear can get to the boss.


  • 50 level;
  • 420+ item level;
  • this service is piloted only;
  • Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate quest completed.

How to Buy Vertus Guardian Raid Carry

The process of purchasing a Vertus kill carry is quick and easy. Simply decide on the number of kills, proceed to the checkout, and wait for our manager to get in contact with you within 3 to 5 minutes. We always schedule Vertus boosting services in order to never interrupt your gameplay. Our customer support agent can also answer any questions and add additional requests to the purchase. And that’s how it’s done! All that is left is to simply enjoy the rewards from Vertus. Let’s recap the whole process:

  1. Read the description of the service, as well as its requirements.
  2. Proceed to the checkout to finalize your order.
  3. Wait 5-7 minutes for a customer support agent to contact you.
  4. We will clarify some details and set everything up for the service.
  5. Enjoy the quick and easy Vertus guardian raid boost.

As you can see, purchasing Vertus boosting doesn’t take much time at all.

Vertus Guardian Raid Guide

Your character would need to have item level 420 in order to enter the raid. Ensure that you have all the useful potions before the fight starts as well. This fight is the first of many raids that demands a certain level of skill from the player and is heavy on different mechanics.

Slashes and spins are still to be avoided by staying in the back, as well as Vertus’ Frost Breath and Frost Beam. Another move that can create a lot of problems is Icy Grasp, during which Vertus will grab a player and slam him against the ground. In order to release said player team would need to use their stagger abilities on the boss. Other CC abilities that Vertus has are Icy Eruptions and his tail attacks, which have to be avoided at all costs.

At a certain point throughout the fight, Vertus will become enraged and has to be staggered in order to knock him down. This will reveal his tail, which has to be cut off with part-breaking abilities. If the team is successful, then Vertus won’t be able to use his tail attacks, making the fight much easier.

Starting from Vertus, all guardian raids become more and more difficult and require players to learn many mechanics and be able to execute them perfectly. It takes a huge amount of time and effort in order to do it successfully. But if it is the rewards you’re after, then do not worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Vertus carry is what you are looking for.

Vertus Guardian