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Vanilla Pre-Raid BiS Gear

Here you can make a purchase Gearing in Vanilla WoW. We will farm all slots from high-level 55-60 dungeons: Blackrock Depths. UBRS and LBRS, Scholomance and Stratholme to prepare your character for raid

ETA: 2-3 weeks (depends on the option chosen)

Default Classic gear includes:

  • Full Gear for the chosen character from high-level dungeons (please note that for pre-raid BiS gear service you need to choose additional option)
  • All gold and other stuff dropped to your bags

An additional option for pre-raid gear:

  • BiS gear - we will farm the most optimal items from dungeons (pre-raid BiS gear carry is completed according to best class guides from WoW related resources)


  • 55+ level character
  • WoW Classic
  • Account sharing
Vanilla Pre Raid BiS Gear