Legion Raid Valtan

Legion Raid Valtan

Legion Raid Valtan boost is the best way for players to empover their characters in Lost Ark. Defeat Valtan the Commander of the Demon Beast Legion and receive tons of resources to craft the best relic set in the game. Receive smooth run and do not waste times on wipes with pugs by simply buying Legion Raid Valtan run.

Legion Raid Valtan carry is available both in normal or hard modes. You can either select full run, or just 2nd phase that is harder. The team will do all the job and kill Valtan that drops legendary crafting materials, gold, honing materials and other useful stuff.

Lost Ark Valtan raid boosting rewards:

  1. Legion Raid: Valtan (full clear or 2nd phase).
  2. Legendary crafting materials.
  3. Chance to get Legendary Valtan card.
  4. Chance to get Relic type accessories & Ability Stones.
  5. Some gold and Honing materials.

Boost takes: 1 day.

Select the mode you want to join. It can either be normal or hard. Valtan hard mode run grants overall better rewards, but it is much harder. Please check the minimal requirements before buying Valtan boost service.


  • 50+ level;
  • 1415+ item level (normal mode)
  • 1445+ item level (hard mode);
  • fresh raid lockout;
  • this service is piloted only.

Buy Valtan Legion Raid in Lost Ark

Valtan boss will be located in the first Legion Raid in Lost Ark. These types of raids are very difficult and strongly rely on teamwork: players have to counter unique abilities and mechanics. Valtan raid is challenging and take time so there are 2 checkpoints that save players' progression.

Despite these checkpoints, random groups may still wipe on Valtan boos for hours. Our Lost Ark Valtan boost service is the perfect solution for those who value their free time and don't want to spend much time on boring tries. After purchasing this service, our group will complete the raid for you to claim all the juicy rewards.

Legion Raid Valtan