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Valor Points Farm

Valor is the newest Shadowlands currency introduced in patch 9.0.5 and spent on upgrading mythic plus gear to the maximum of level 298.

Buying Valor points farm boost from a team of professional mythic + farmers can carry you to the Valor cap at no time and allow getting some loot to upgrade in the process. With that said, here you have the Valor for sale at any amount, the fastest farming time, and a 100% guarantee on order completion.

Farming Valor points will be done by farming low mythic keys without "in timer" completion. 1 run = 135 Valor Points.

Valor carry includes the following rewards.

  1. Any chosen amount of Valor points farmed.
  2. 135 Valor points from every single run.
  3. The chance to get 262+ ilvl items at the end of each dungeon.
  4. The next week Great Vault 278 ilvl rewards.

Boost ETA: 20 minutes per run.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading the items with Valor requires the Mythic+ dungeon rating gathered on that character. Read more in the product description below.

Valor currency can be earned either by farming Mythic + dungeons or by completing the daily Covenant Calling Quests. We offer Valor grind through M+ dungeons with or without a timer.

Here are some requirements that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing our Valor boosting services.


  • 60 level;
  • no specific ilvl gear required.

WoW Valor Boost Explained

As soon as the Valor points were introduced as an additional reward for completing mythic plus dungeons World of Warcraft players rushed to upgrading their previously looted gear with this brand new currency. Unfortunately, they were disappointed as there is a strict condition with Valor item upgrades.

Main requirements to upgrade gear with Valor points:

  • only M+ items received after season 4 start can be upgraded with the Valor;
  • each Rank of Valor upgrade requires a specific rating earned in mythic+;

Don’t have those achievements yet? Nothing to worry about as our professional team can help you with that. Find the required achievement in our store or ask our 24/7 available support manager to add any of those meta-achievements into your Valor farming order and kill two birds with one stone! You also can find the Mythic+ score upgrade service here.

Fastest Way to Farm Valor Points

Our Valor boosters are strictly focused on farming the required currency by fast grinding the mythic plus dungeons in both timed runs and not-timed ones. The output of Valor while in a full 278+ ilvl geared blasting players is tremendous. And we can guarantee that this is the fastest way to farm Valor in WoW right now.

This way you can benefit from:

  • experiences players in your party with the highest gear in the game;
  • fast and clean runs without any stress on your side;
  • as many runs as needed to farm that number of Valor you desire;
  • some additional loot for your character to upgrade art the vendor later;
  • and 24/7 support from the side of Boosthive.

Farming valor with a random party from LFG can be stressful and slow, our option is well-tested and works great. We never use any cheats or third-party programs to get the job done making your account as safe as it possibly can be during the Valor carry runs.

How to Upgrade gear with Valor? 

As with every upgrade in World of Warcraft boosting your items with Valor is pretty straightforward. You will just need to locate the vendor named Aggressor Zo'dash in Oribos and talk to him. Yes, it is the same guy who upgrades your PvP gear weekly. 

The price for Valor upgrades will cost you the following numbers:

  • 250 Valor - Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck;
  • 400 Valor - Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots;
  • 475 Valor - Helm, Legs, Chest;
  • 500 Valor - One-Handed Agility / Strength Weapon;
  • 750 Valor - One-Handed Intellect Weapon;
  • 1000 Valor - Two-Handed Weapon.

Before upgrading make sure your gear is eligible for it, check once again if you have the required achievements and the item was recently looted in season 4. Other than that feel free to buy our Valor farming service and get your toon to full 298 ilvl!

Valor Points