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Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle (S14)

Buying the Uzume RR4 Energy Sniper Rifle will definitely benefit those who wish to deal extreme amounts of damage without the need to grind Nightfall the Ordeal activities over and over, for a chance to get the best version of this legendary gun. Season of the Splicer introduced and brought back some of the most iconic weapons which would enrich any collection and allow GUardians to get some fun pawning the opponents. Our Uzume RR4 Sniper Rifle boost is a great service for those who value their time and still want to enjoy D2 to the fullest.

Uzume RR4 Legendary weapon boost rewards:

  1. Obtain the Guaranteed UZUME RR4 Energy Fusion Rifle.
  2. Nightfall the Ordeal loot & resources.
  3. Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards.
  4. A big chance to loot S14 Legendary Weapons and Gear.
  5. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.

D2 Uzume RR4 carry ETA: 1 to 3 days when it is in Nightfall reward rotation.

Uzume RR4 is a rotational reward in the Nightfall weekly activity that can appear in D2 only once in 3 weeks' time. Therefore please note that if it is not in the current reward cycle you will need to wait before we can deliver the Uzume Sniper rifle boost. However, if it is in the rotation you can buy the Uzume RR4 Rifle straight away after checking the basic requirement below.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • 1270+ Power Level is required;
  • this boost requires account sharing.

Purchasing the Guaranteed Uzume RR4 Boost

Uzume RR4 Energy Sniper rifle is a heavy well-rounded burst weapon that would suit some of the most tactical gameplay D2. The only difficulty with this weapon, same as with any NIghtfall the Ordeal Legendary rewards is to farm out the copy with some awesome start or even a God-Rolled one. To do so guardians would need to complete numerous runs of this activity looking up to 5-10 guns before getting something legit.

However, with some luck, you can get the god-roll Uzume RR4 from the first run and enjoy this awesome sniper rifle with, particularly powerful perks.

Uzume RR4  rifle is its awesome perks:

  • Adaptive Frame: reliable and sturdy grip.
  • Thresh: generates a small amount of Super energy upon the kill of combatants.

These perks and the well-rounded damage make this rifle a great pick for burst lovers in Season 14. If you wish to farm out some of Uzume RR4 weapons by means of a professional well-geared fire team, with no stress or possibility of failure, then our boosting service is right for you. Pick as many weapons as you need and we will deliver them with a 100% guarantee on order completion and constant 24/7 customer support.

Uzume RR4