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Umber Nightsaber

This boost is about to get you Umber Nightsaber from  Athil Dewfire on the Battle for Darkshore Warfront . This mount is a very rare drop (2-3% chance) obtainable by killing a rare spawn. You can farm it once per character every 2 weeks when the Warfront is available.

The Umber Nightsaber mount boost includes:

  • Unique epic mount - Umber Nightsaber
  • 100% done by hands via completing quest chain
  • VPN security for account safety
  • Screenshot of your character obtaining the mount
  • Our team will leave mount in your bags so you will have opportunity to learn it yourself
  • Hidden Livestream (please ask before we start)


  • Accplay (Piloted): you share your login and password with our team and we play on your character
  • 120+ lvl character

We don't ask your secret question, because we respect your account protection from theft.