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Uldir Heroic Run

Uldir Heroic boost is the best way to gear up fresh character. You will get 370 level items, azerite armor and achievements. We do runs every day till late night. Max ETA 24 hours. Get Uldir heroic with the best boosting team which will trade you all available loot depends on choosen options.

Now available only with +12 loot-traders mode.

Default run includes:

  • Full clear 8/8 bosses in heroic mode
  • Fast runs within 2 hours
  • Achievements: Halls of ContainmentCrimson DescentHeart of Corruption
  • All loots dropped to your bag
  • Run with account sharing using VPN of your country
  • Hidden Livestream (please ask for a stream before the run)

Additional options for Uldir hc carry:

  • Selfplay: you play yourself instead of sharing account to our team
  • 1-7 booster to trade loot + loot guarantee - amount of players with the same armor type to trade you all available loot

Guaranteed loot:

  • default product does not guarantee any amount of items
  • 3 boosters guarantee at least 4 different items
  • 5 boosters guarantee at least 6 different items
  • 7 boosters guarantee at least 10 different items

Please note, that some items cannot be traded due to how personal loot system works in Battle for Azeroth. For example, if loot-trader gets 390 warforged hands - he can't trade it because he has lower item level equipment in that slot. Bonus rolls, your personal loot drops and items that do not upgrade are included into guaranteed amount.


  • 120 level character
  • Fresh raid cooldown
  • If you go selfplayed please do at least 1 hit on each boss in the raid to be avaialble to get loot

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from steal.