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Truth Rocket Launcher

Truth is an Exotic Rocket Launcher in D2. It was once rewarded for completing an Exotic Quest that involved gathering a map and then shooting orbs in the Warden of Nothing strike. Now the players can buy Truth from the Monuments to Lost Light in the Tower. Our service will help acquire all specific currencies and get this Exotic into the arsenal fast and with no fuss.

D2 Truth is one of the most entertaining weapons in the game. This Rocket Launcher originally came from the first game and its rockets have one of the most intense tracking abilities in the game. There are a lot of videos where Truth rockets chase enemies to the ends of the world. Experience its full potential with our cheap Truth boost

D2 Truth carry rewards:

  1. Obtain Truth Rocket Launcher.
  2. All necessary materials gathered:
  3. Other loot that might drop during the boost.
  4. Experience for your Artifact and Season Pass.
  5. Personal live stream (additional option).

Boost takes: 1-3 days.

D2 Truth price can be decreased in case you already gathered several materials. Simply click additional options and our boosting team will only farm what remains. Before buying Truth Rocket Launcher, please check the basic requirements.


  • 1310+ power level (for Ascendant Shard farm);
  • Beyond Light DLC unlocked;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

How to Get Truth in D2?

Truth Exotic quest was deleted from the game with the content vault upgrade in D2. Players used to collect pieces of the map from different activities to track the location and then shoot a few orbs in the Warden of Nothing. In the end, Guardians received a chest with this Rocket Launcher. Now the process became easier yet more tedious and less interesting. Players can simply buy Truth from the Kiosk that is located in the far right corner of the landing area in the Tower.

Gathering some of these materials might be long and hard if you are a new player without a regular coordinated squad. That's why Boosthive offers Truth in D2 for sale for all the players who want to get this Rocket Launcher fast and without extra effort. In case there are still some questions regarding our services, simply contact our 24/7 managers via online chat, skype, or discord.