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Trials Tokens Farm

Here you can purchase D2 Trials Tokens farm. Its seasonal currency for successful completion of Trials of Osiris.

Boost ETA: depend on how many currencies required (2-4 tokens per 15 minutes)

Please NOTE: Powerlevel matters! If you have no 1300+ light - choose option I don't have 1300 powerlevel.

Trials Token boost includes:

  • Desired amount of Trials Tokens
  • A lot of powerful gear and shaders
  • A lot of experience
  • 100% boost by hands, no wintrade, no glitches or using any programs.

Trials Tokens rewarded in amount of 1 - for lost match, 2-3 tokens - for won match.

Addition options:
I don't have 1300+ powerlevel - in case underlight, our team will farm 1300+ powerlevel 


  • 1300+ Powerlevel
  • 50k+ Glimmer
Trials Tokens
Total amount
Please contact our managers to order this item