Tower Overwhelming Achievement

Tower Overwhelming Achievement

Tower Overwhelming boost is the fast completion of all 36 challenges in the returned Mage Tower. Buying Tower Overlwhelming achievement will help you finish the remaining challenges you may struggle with. or finish them all in one discounted package.

WoW Tower Overwhelming achievement carry rewards:

  1. FoS achievement - Tower Overwhelming.
  2. x36 challenges completed on all classes/specs.
  3. Mount - Mage-Bound Spelltome.
  4. Other Mage Tower achievements:

Boost takes: 6-7 days (pick express for faster completion).

You can select the number of Tower Mage challenges by moving the flexible slider. In order to get Tower Overwhelming Feat of Strength, you need to complete all possible challenges on 12 classes with 36 different specializations. Please specify characters and specs if you order partial completion.

Additional option: 

  • prepare gear for Mage Tower - we gather gear from Legacy raids/dungeons (preferably with sockets) to complete the challenge for you. Some gold might be required to buy sockets.

Before purchasing Tower Overwhelming carry, please read closely the following requirements, as you need to have all classes and specializations prepared for the boost. You also need to have all characters available on one Battle-net account.


  • 70 level on all characters;
  • some gold to buy consumables;
  • not available for Evokers;
  • appropriate epic gear (50+ ilvl or higher) for each spec.

Tower Overwhelming Achievement Boosting Explained

Game developers brought back Mage Tower challenges and added them to the Legion Timewalking. But they decided to push the popularity of this event even further and added special achievements and rewards for those who managed to complete all challenges on all classes and specs.

The most prestigious reward is the Tower Overwhelming FoS achievement, which can only be obtained by completing all challenges for every spec in the game (except Evoker). How to get Tower Overwhelming achievement? It doesn't display in your achievement tab, because this is Feat of Strength.

In order to get FoS Tower Overwhelming, players must prepare all 12 classes and finish MT challenges on all possible class/spec combinations. It means completing all 36 challenges playing different roles and specializations.

It is a very hard task to master with so many classes at once. You don't need to stress about wiping on that tank or healing challenge playing on an unknown class and then repeating the same challenge several times. Boosthive team prepared the best solution for you. Simply buy Tower Overwhelming service and our professional multi-class expert will complete all 36 challenges for you. 

Tower Overwhelming Achievement