Torghast Tower Boost

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is an infinite, ever-changing dungeon with brand new mechanics added in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. It has a wing system with multiple layers and floors that gradually increase the difficulty for players farming it.

Buying the Torghast farming service allows players to get awesome rewards from the most difficult layers and reach the weekly cap of soul ash and soul cinders for shadowlands legendary item crafting. 

Torghast, Tower of the Damned carry includes:

  1. Full or partial run through 1-16 layers of Torghast dungeon.
  2. All the Soul Ash obtained during the Torghast boost.
  3. Soul Cinders currency from layers 8-16.
  4. Cosmic Flux for layers 13-16.
  5. Tower Knowledge for your Box of Many Things talents.
  6. Each layer is completed with AT LEAST 4 stars.
  7. 5 Stars guarantee is an additional option.
  8. Chance for cool transmog and a toy to drop during the service.
  9. You earn 100% Soul Ash & Soul Cinders by repeatedly completing Torghast Wings.

Boost ETA: 1-2 hrs.

Torghast Tower carry service will allow players to complete even the most difficult layers, therefore, granting loads of Soul AshSoul Cinders and Cosmic Flux required for legendary crafting. After just two Torghast boosts you will be able to craft your first Shadowland legendary item and dramatically increase your character power.

Adamant Vaults additional rewards.

If the run was completed with 5 Stars and one player in the group has The Adamant Vaults talent, the group will be eligible for 2 additional layers with bonus rewards:

Although Torghast, Tower of the Damned carry run is available for pre-order now, players will have to meet some basic requirements before the start of the boosting process.


  • 60 level;
  • unlocked Torghast access;

Where do I get Torgahst, Tower of the Damned Quest?

As soon as the character hits the maximum level in Shadowlands he will be offered to choose his alignment to one of the covenants. During this campaign, one will be required to return back to the Maw zone to meet with Ve’nari. This NPC will then help to unlock the Torgahst, Tower of the Damned through a series of quests.

How many floors there are in the Torghast Tower?

Every week only 2 wings of the TTotD are available for farming and boosting. Each wing has 16 layers in it while every layer is subdivided into 5 floors. Completion of all 16 layers of each wing grants x1150 Soul Ash x470 Soul Cinders and 110 Cosmic Flux repeatedly from each run.

What are the Torghast Tower boosting Rewards?

The most important reward in the purchased Torghast dungeon run is the Soul AshSoul Cinders & Cosmic Flux as it is required to craft the most powerful legendary gear of shadowlands. You will need x1250 to craft the first-level piece of equipment at the Runecarver.

Other rewards may include cosmetics, transmogrification sets, possible battle gear items, achievements, and two mounts from the challenge mode of the Tower and Layer 16 Flawless run.

What is the gameplay like in the Torghas Tower of the Damned?

Torghast is a self-constructing dungeon that generated layers randomly, therefore it is always funded to re-visit it weekly. During the Torgast sell run, players will acquire various buffs and anima powers making the process faster. Each several floors there would be a break room where those powers can be exchanged and additionally bough for  Phantasma - the currency harvested during the boosting of the floors.

How much currency can one get per layer of the Torghast Tower?

Here is the table summarising the amounts harvested by layer. Completing the unlocked layer (for example layer 16) will grant all the currencies for the previous 1-15 layers.

Layer Soul Ash Soul Cinders Cosmic Flux
8 2280 340 0
9 2420 460 0
10 2540 560 0
11 2640 660 0
12 2740 850 0
13 2840 1000 70
14 2940 1150 80
15 3040 1300 90
16 3140 1450 100

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Torghast, Tower of the Damned