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Legion Mythic+ Timewalking Dungeons

Legion Mythic+ Dungeons

Legion Mythic+ Dungeon boost is back with the introduction of the Legion Timewalking event in WoW Patch 9.1.5. Buying the Legion M+ carries will help you skip the repetitive task of farming the well-explored dungeons while still getting the most precious rewards and achievements.

Legion Mythic+ Timewalking boost includes:

  1. Fast run in the chosen Timewalking plus dungeon.
  2. Choose the keystone difficulty you want to complete.
  3. Mythic+ timewalks in Legion affect your Great Vault (rewards based on key level).
  4. x135 Valor points from each run.
  5. Chance to loot gear from Legion dungeons (actual Shadowlands item levels).
  6. Achievements for each of six Legion dungeons completion: Mythic: Black Rook Hold, Mythic: Eye of Azshara, Mythic: Vault of the Wardens. Mythic: Court of Stars, Mythic: Darkheart Thicket, Mythic: Neltharion's Lair 
  7. Timewarped Badges for finishing each instance.

Boost takes: ~30-40 minutes/dungeon.

You don't need to have your own Legion Mythic+ key. However, if you prefer that our team pushes your own keystone, you can inform our managers in the online chat after the purchase. We will use your key for the run in this case.

Additional options:

  • in timer - you are guaranteed to beat the timer in the dungeon;
  • 1 loot-trader - at least 1 well-geared player who matches your armor type;
  • 2 loot-traders - at least 2 geared boosters with yours armor type;
  • specific dungeon - our team will prepare the concrete dungeon of your choice (specify in notes when choosing this option);
  • flexible slider - allows you to choose several legion mythic plus dungeons at once and get discount!

IMPORTANT: adding loot traders highly increases the chance for the loot. However, our team cannot guarantee an exact amount of items from the end-of-dungeon chest as it is completely random. Also, please have a look at the requirements for buying the legion mythic +15 service.


  • 60 level;
  • any gear.

Buying Legion M+ Farming Service

The new Shadowlands timewalking event featuring M+ instances from the Legion expansion will bring back the memories for both veterans and recent WoW players. But the main reason for farming Legion time walking dungeons,  especially on the highest possible keystone difficulty is the ultimate gear that can be used in Shadowlands.

However not every Legion M+ time walking can be purchased as there are only a few available for conquering.

Here is the list of Legion Timewalks unlocked on M+ difficulty:

Our Legion mythic plus boosting can be purchased for the full clear of all dungeons or per selected number of runs. To make it even more comfortable for you each Legion key carry can include the loot traders that will share your armor type and transfer the dropped items.

This way your odds of getting loot are multiplied, which is always a good thing. Taking all those factors into consideration buying the mythic plus Legion carries is an awesome option for those players who value their time and wish always to be ahead of the crowd.

Feel free to contact our support operators in case you have any kind of difficulty. They are available 24/7 and would gladly assist you.

Legion Mythic+ Dungeons