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Timelost Weapons in VoG

Timelost weapons are the most desired weekly reward from the Vault of Glass raid on master difficulty. Buying the Timelost weapons boost opens you new opportunities and caters to the fast completion of a weekly challenge. Every Time lost gun carry is performed by a professional team of high-geared D2 players with lots of experience.

Timelost Weapon carry includes:

  1. Chosen amount of Timelost Weapons (1-5).
  2. Challenges in VoG master difficulty completed.
  3. Ascendant shards and Enhancement prisms.
  4. Exp points for your Artifact and Season Pass.

Boost ETA: 1 day.

There are x5 Timelost guns available in-game which are on a 5-weeks rotation. Only 1 available each week, In case you need a specific Timelost Weapon, we might need to wait for several resets before starting the farm.


  • 1575+ power level.

D2 Timelost Weapons Boost Info

Timelost weapons from VoG raid offer an extra perk in columns 3 and 4 for greater customization and therefore increased performance. When you purchase the Timelost weapon boost your guardian will earn such a weapon and will be able to purchase additional rolls from the end of the raid Master VoG Chest.

Important to note that Timelost weapons will cost more Spoils of Conquest than the regular versions of these guns.

Boosthive strongly recommends you buying the completion of the Timelost weekly challenge to farm the highest light copies before going into any other difficulty variations of VoG raid. More info about the Timelost weapons farming Service is available via our online chat. For professional managers will help you check which Time lost weapon is currently on rotation and assist you in buying it.

Timelost Weapons Farm