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Tier 1 Outlawed Set

Here you can buy Destiny 2 (D2) Tier 1 Outlawed armor set boost.
Choose your role and be the best in Gambit Prime — invader, reaper, collector and sentinel!
Your character will get full Gambit Prime set that grants you new abilities to win

Default Tier 1 Outlawed armor set boost includes:

  • Gambit Prime Armor Set for your class and Legendary gear from completing Reckoning
  • Takes 1-2 days
  • Any rare rewards, weapons and armor during the boost, includes exotic guns, shaders and emblems
  • VPN for account safety matching our current location
  • Livestream (please ask about the technical possibility before we start)


  • Your character power level 640+
  • Completed Forsaken Story
  • Piloted mode (we log into your character)

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