Thronespire Tower Boost

Thronespire Tower

Thronespire boost will help to overcome this challenge and rush through 1-50 floors of this Tower fast and easily. This single-player dungeon works as previous two challenges. However it offers much better rewards but the difficulty has also been increased across the board and players need to have at least 1325 ilvl to participate.

Getting a Thronespire Tower carry might be a good option here as the Tower itself offers a great challenge for unprepared players. Also it can only be completed in solo mode, so you cannot invite overgeared friends to help. But don't worry as we offer fast Thronespire runs for sale for everybody who want to get rewards without wasting hours replaying the same floors over and over again.

Lost Ark Thronespire Tower boost includes:

  1. Chosen floors completed in Thronespire.
  2. Various Tier 3 rewards for Floors 1-25:
    • Guardian & Destruction Stone Crystals;
    • Honor Leapstones;
    • Honor Shards and much more.
  3. Floors 26-50 are for prestige only.
  4. Other items that might drop during the service.

Boost takes: ~10-12 hrs for 1-50 floors.

Important: Thronespire rewards can only be obtained from the first clear and only once per character. However, you can send chests and pouches to your alts and get some benefit from it. Remember, that Floor 1-25 give rewards, but 26-50 only exist for prestige and completion time purposes.

Select custom Thronespire floors (1-25 tiers are recommeded) and we will complete them on your character. Purchasing full run at once will result in a nice discount. Before buying Thronespire Tower completion, please read the minimal requirements for this type of service.


  • 50 level;
  • 1325+ item level;
  • Punika main story completed;
  • [Guide] Thronespire quest completed.

How Thronespire Boost Works?

Thronespire Tower is very similar to previous well-known Shadespire and Fatespire challenges. SIngle players are offered to rush through a gauntlet of increasingly harder tiers (floors) full of monsters, elites and bosses. The main difference is that only floors 1-25 provide juicy rewards while floors 26-50 don't have any loot. These tiers are very deadly and exist for prestige purposes only.

If you decide to beat this challenge on your own, here is a quick Thronespire Tower guide that might help:

  1. Players only have 7 minutes for each floor.
  2. There are 4 gates of increasing monster difficulty.
  3. Kill the elite to proceed to the next gate.
  4. There will be a final boss at the end of the dungeon.
  5. Use Healing Potions when needed.
  6. Вying does not fail the challenge, but respawn duration is 5 seconds.

When you enter Thronespire there will be armies of regular enemies around. Run ahead and quickly AoE them and then rush to the Elite that spaws at the end of each gate. Repeat the same steps for each gate and get to the final boss at the end.

While it may sound easy, it is definitely not especially if you have never tried this type of content. Several hours might be required in order to get to floor 25 and loot all goodies. However, our Thronespire Tower carry solves all these issues.

Our boosters have enough experience to start even with much higher floors at once, thus skipping all previous tiers. Do not worry - you will get all rewards for previous skipped floors as well. It means that you can get your Thronespire challenge boosted within a matter of an hour.

Rewards from Thronespire Carry

Thronespire Tower boosting service will mostly award you with Tier 3 upgrade materials. If your main is geared enough and don't need these - do not close this page yet. All Guardian and Destruction Stone Crystals, Honor Shards/Leapstones are awarded in chests and pouches. That means they can be easily sent to any alt character in the same roster.

By finishing 1-25 floors in Thronespire, you will obtain these rewards:

  • x105 Guardian Stone Crystal Chest;
  • x20 Honor Leapstone Chest & x21 Great Honor Leapstone Chest;
  • x35 Destruction Stone Crystal Chest;
  • x60 Honor Shard Pouch (L);
  • x1 Epic Engraving Recipe Chest exclusive for class;
  • x155 Ancient Platinum Coin;
  • x2 Metallyrgy: Basic & Applied Welding, x10 Tailoring: Basic & Applied Mending;
  • x2 Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch;
  • x30 T3 Gem Chest.

Loot all of these goodies fast and without stress by using an experienced team of professional boosters. If you have any questions before making buying Thronespire run or want to make a custom request, please do not hesitate to contact us via online-chat, skype, or discord. Our managers work 24/7 and will be happy to help with any questions.

Thronespire Tower