The Wild Hunt Reputation Farm

The Wild Hunt Reputation

The Wild Hunt is one of the four neutral factions of Shadowlands. Every player can farm reputation with them regardless of the chosen covenant, however choosing Night Fae can make the process faster. Wild Hunters offer a variety of cool perks such as cool Duskflutter Ardenmoth mount at Exalted and a new Shadowlands legendary power at Honored.

Buying the Wild Hunt reputation boost is the only way to skip the boring rep grinding and get to the rewards as fast as possible.

Boost ETA: ~3-4 weeks.

The Wild Hunt reputation carry includes:

We offer any amount of Wild Hunt reputation for sale. Whether you want to get from friendly to Exalted or farm out paragon levels of 10k reputation each in an attempt to get Hungry Burrower pet or the Amber Ardenmoth from the Wild Hunt Supplies, we can help you with that.

There are some basic requirements for everyone who wished to order the Wild Hunt rep farming service.


  • 60 level Shadowlands character;
  • no gear requirements.

How to fast farm The Wild Hunt reputation?

World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion has changed the reputation system towards fewer factions but the crucial meaning of them. Therefore every player in WoW at some point will have to get those reps, whether it is for the new covenant systems or just to boost mount and pet collections. The wild Hunt faction is a key for Night Fae covenant and rep grinding will be easier if one decides to align with them.

Location of the Wild Hunt faction quartermaster in the Ardenweald zone (Heart of the Forest) of Shadowlands.

Your journey towards getting the key reputation levels with the Wild Hunt faction (Honored, Revered, and Exalted) will start with locating the faction quartermaster Aithlyn in the Ardenweald (Heart of the Forest) at 48.5, 50.4. Here you can check all the cool rewards that can be unlocked by boosting your WH reputation.

When you have chosen the rewards you want you can proceed to the hardest part of the process - the Wild Hunt reputation grind. Here you can find some essential information on how to get tot Exalted as fast as possible.

  1. Do all of the available world quests in Ardenweald.
  2. WQ now grants an additional reputation but harder to complete.
  3. Get the Contract: The Wild Hunt to boost reputation farm.
  4. Do the Shadowlands Callings for the Wild Hunt faction if you are a  Night Fae.
  5. Complete x3 weekly Wild Hunt PvE & PvP quests.

The PvP Weekly quests are located at the PvP Weekly QuestThe Enclave in Oribos at (34.6, 56.5) and can be obtained from Aggressor Zo'dash and Strategist Zo'rak. While PvE Wild Hunt weeklies can be taken from  Finder Ta'sul and Ta'lan the Antiquary at the Broker's Den in Oribos (51.2, 43.1).

How can I boost reputation with the Wild Hunt?

There are two ways to boost your reputation gain from all sources. Each of them can make rep grinding faster and more efficient. However, they are seasonal and have time limitations therefore can’t be used 100% of the time. The Wild Hunt reputation boosters are:

Although those awesome reputation buffs can help you to get Wild Hunt to honor you faster the process still consists of a lengthy and boring grind. To avoid it and spend your precious gaming time on more interesting PvP and PvE related activities, Booshive offers you to but the Wild Hunt reputation carry service.

Our professional boosters will level up this faction rep as fast as it possible leaving you with awesome rewards and lots of free time on your hands. Get your Wild Hunt rep boost today, especially if you are one of the Night Fae Covenant.

The Wild Hunt Reputation