The Nexus Run

The Nexus

The Nexus (Nex) boost is the fastest and most convenient way to complete this dungeon in Classic WotLK. It can be found in Borean Tundra and is one of the first dungeons that become accessible to players in this expansion. Buying Nexus run will save you lots of time, no matter if you want to complete dungeon-related quests, or simply want to get some good loot.

The Nexus dungeon carry is accessible for characters of level 67-73 for the normal mode, as well as 80 for heroics. There are no prerequisites for entering Nexus, any character of the appropriate level can do it at any time. Nex dungeon boosts for sale can be enjoyed on all Wrath Classic realms.

WotLK Nexus boosting rewards: 

  1. Fast Nexus run (NM/HC).
  2. The Nexus achievement (normal).
  3. Heroic: The Nexus achievement (heroic).
  4. Chance to get 155 ilvl (normal) or 200 ilvl (heroic) loot.
  5. Chance to loot Frozen Orb (heroic).
  6. 5x Emblems of Heroism (heroic).

Boost takes: ~2-3 hours.

Note: Please don’t forget to check if Nexus dungeon carries are available on your server before the purchase.

You can pick multiple Nex runs by using a slider. The Nexus dungeon clears also provide players with a good chunk of experience, so this service can also be used to gain some levels. Before buying this service, please make sure to read the following requirements.


  • 67+ level (normal);
  • 80 level (heroic);

How to Get Nexus Boost?

The procedure of buying Nex boost is fairly simple and straightforward. Here’s a quick recap of how it works, that will ensure that you are getting the best experience with our services.

  1. Pick the number of runs that you would like to receive.
  2. Get in touch with our customer support to check:
    • service availability on your realm;
    • self-play option availability;
    • the start time of the boosting run.
  3. Confirm the details with the customer support agent and finalize the order.
  4. It’s done! Relax and enjoy high-quality Nexus runs.

In case you have any questions or want to add more requirements to the order, it is also possible! Just let our managers know about it and they will do everything to make it happen. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers to them.

Where is Nexus?

You can find the Nexus on the northwest side of the Borean Tundra. The exact coordinates are 62.4, 24.8. Summoning is always an option, so if your character is currently located in another area it is not a problem! However, if your character is already there at the entrance it will speed up the service completion by a little bit.

WotLK Nexus Bosses & Loot

The Nexus consists of 4 main bosses, as well as 1 optional boss for Heroic mode. Optional boss differs depending on your character’s faction.

Heroic Only:

Bosses in the Nexus drop gear of ilvl 155, which can be equipped by level 70+ characters. This gear can prove extremely helpful during your journey to reach level 80.

You can expect great blue rarity loot from most of the bosses. However, in heroic mode, the last boss called Keristrasza drops some epic purple loot on defeat. She also drops a Frozen Orb that is invaluable for any crafter.

The Nexus (Nex) Heroic Boost

Heroic Nexus, much like any other hс modes, unlocks at level 80. There are no attunements or additional requirements to enter the dungeons. With no barrier to entry, there will be many inexperienced and undergeared groups, which will turn HC Nexus into a nightmare for any player.

However, do not worry. Our cheap and fast runs will help you out. We are ready to organize a smooth Nexus heroic carry for you in the shortest time. Just contact our managers in a 24/7 customer support chat!

The Nexus