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The Mountaintop - Grenade Launcher Weapon

Here you can purchase D2 The Mountaintop Boost. It is grenade launcher was introduced in Season 6 as rewards for The Ascent crucible bounty.

Boost ETA: 48 hours

This grenade launcher is universal and works perfectly in both aspects of the game. The Mountaintop grenade launcher has a great DPS for energy ammo weapon in PvE activities and placing top 3 of the deadliest Meta weapon in Crucible.

The Mountaintop perks:

  • Lightweight Frame - Superb handling. Move faster with this weapon equipped.
  • Hard \ Volatile Launch - high projectile speed \ explosive payload
  • Rangefinder - increased effective range and the zoom magnification
  • Micro-missile - fires in a straight line and has massively increased projectile speed

If you are mostly a PvE player and don't want to struggle and waste time in Crucible - the best way will be to skip this step and get this awesome grenade launcher with Mountaintop carry fast and safe.


  • Legendary grenade launcher.
The Mountaintop