The Lament Exotic Sword

The Lament

The newest D2 DLC - Beyond Light has introduced some awesome exotic weapons and one of them is The Lamet exotic sword. Buying this overpowered melee exotic boost will grant you the ability to break through Barrier Champions and deal a huge amount of damage to the D2 raid bosses.

The Lamet boost will assist you in the completion of the rare “Lost Lamet” quest derived from the Deep Stone Crypt raid of the new expansion.  

D2 The Lamet exotic sword carry includes:

  1. The new exotic Lamet sword obtained.
  2. The “Lost Lamet” quest completed.
  3. Lots of glimmer.
  4. Lots of other legendary loot.
  5. Experience to your season pass and artifact.

Boost takes: 6 hours.

Before the purchase of The Lamet sword boost please check if you meet all the basic requirements for this type of D2 carry service.


  • D2 Beyond Light DLC;
  • Beyond Light campaign completed;
  • Season of the Hunt Pass.

Why The Lamet Exotic Sword is the best melee weapon?

The Lamet is currently a must-have exotic sword due to its overwhelming burst damage. It is activated by the block combo and works flawlessly in both PvP and PvE. Additionally, it ignores the Champions Barriers, therefore, crushing your enemies with almost a single swing. 

The Lament sword is a complex Exotic weapon of the new D2 DLC. It has a high skill cap required to correctly use it but once figured out it turns into one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It reaches its peak performance and usefulness in the second encounter of the new Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The Lamet Exotic Perk is Banshee’s Wail. It allows guardians to use the alternative block combo can be activated like that:

  • hold block to rev the Lamet blade;
  • while holding the block pressed, light attack x3 times;
  • not releasing the block, perform a heavy attack x1 time.
  • enjoy the Banshee’s Wail x8 or x9 proc and huge damage numbers.

Such a combo is so powerful that it is logical to use it only on the targets with a lot of HP. In combination with the damage, the Lamet sword low HP targets may not live until the combo is fully executed, so keep it in mind. The other perk - Revved Consumption heals you in battles that add more utility to this exotic blade.

How does The Lamet carry work?

Purchasing The Lamet boosting service will guarantee you add this mega-powerful weapon to your collection. Our professional carry team will assist you in obtaining in the new DSC raid by completing a rare quest. Here is how the Lamet boost process will work for you as our customer.

  1. Buy the Lamet Exotic Sword boost on our website.
  2. Our support manager will contact you almost immediately to clarify all the details.
  3. The Lamet carry will start at the agreed time.
  4. Our boosting team will help you complete the “Lost Lamet” quest.
  5. In about 6 hours you will receive the Lamet sword on your character.

Avoid wipes and unsuccessful attempts competition of this rare quest yourself. Let our professional D2 Lamet carry team assist you and get your super-damage sword with a 100% guarantee from top D2 players.

The Lament