The Ascended Reputation Farm

The Ascended Reputation

The Ascended is a neutral faction added in Shadowlands. It is one of the four key reputations available for all players of the new expansion regardless of what covenant they’ve chosen. Hitting Exalted with the Ascended unlocks a cool mount and a pet.

Buying the Ascended reputation boost is the quickest and most reliable way to get Exalted rewards and save a lot of rep grinding time.

Boost ETA: ~3-4 weeks.

The Ascended reputation carry includes:

The Ascended reputation boost is the best and fastest way to receive the exalted rewards. Lots of pointless grinding can be saved by purchasing The Ascended rep carry. Before doing so, please read the basic requirements for this service.


  • 60 level Shadowlands character;
  • no gear requirements.

How to fast farm The Ascended reputation?

With the removal of overwhelming numbers of reputations in Shadowlands, players have been left with just 4 neutral reputations available for everyone to level up. Farming such factions rep as Ascended giving players a bit more than just mount collection boosts and cosmetics. It gives them legendary powers, new world quests, and weekly PvE challenges made to increase the overall anima.

Location of the Quartermaster of the Ascended faction in the Bastion zone of Shadowlands.

The Hero Rest location at the heart of the Bastion zone in Shadowlands is the home for the Ascendents. Angel like creatures, the souls of the purest heroes of Azeroth become the main healing force of the Shadowlands. The Adjutant Nikos located in the  Bastion at 52.2, 47.1 is the quartermaster of the Ascended faction. He sells the most desirable rewards for all rep levels from Friendly to Exalted.

There is no fast way to farm the Ascended reputation as it requires the daily tedious completion of all available tasks. The Ascended callings will only grant reputation points to those players who have pledged their alliance to the Kyrian Covenant. Apart from that, every player should do the following steps to get the Shadowlands’ reputation to Exalted as fast as possible.

  1. Do all of the available world quests.
  2. WQ now grants an additional reputation but harder to complete.
  3. Get the Contract: The Ascended to boost reputation farm.
  4. Do the Shadowlands Callings for the Ascended faction if you are a Kyrian.
  5. Complete x3 weekly Ascended PvE quests.

The ascended reputation farm can become a burden for a novice player and bore the veterans to death with repetitive tasks and errands. To avoid it and save your precious gaming time Boosthive offers you a fast reputation boost for the Ascended faction. With this Shadowlands rep carry you will be able to get the Exalter in no time to grasp on those awesome legendary perks, pets, and mounts.

The Ascended Reputation